@michaelharrisdr @rharrisonfries Whatever happened to......No American boots in Syria? https://t.co/S2PspyU1XF
Ha! Blame the black guy for Trump and Putin. It's Obama's fault, of course. https://t.co/grpOMIdAdn
RT @Kasparov63: Obama spent 6 yrs pretending Putin could be a US ally. Putin used this free hand to complete his dictatorship in Russia & then move abroad.
@SoCal4Trump @seanhannity Give Trump a chance. Look what Obama did for 8 years nothing but divide. Glad he's on the way out.
RT @washingtonpost: Breaking: Secret CIA assessment says Russia was trying to help Trump win the White House https://t.co/dfpFbqeRKF
RT @JamesFallows: At face value, this implication: - Comey/FBI knew of Russian suspicions, kept quiet; - But HAD to share Weiner news https://t.co/oVFG5njVa9
RT @LeahR77: Human Rights Activists,Can U Do Something Ab That Religion of Peace Burning Children Alive #BanIslam… https://t.co/0XKI4pSCez
RT @CNN: JUST IN: Pres. Obama has ordered a full review into 2016 election hacking by the Russians, government official says https://t.co/cISw7YTHYL
RT @williamjordann: Put another way: Clinton outperfomed Obama's 42-point margin by 8 points in LA County – a county with 450,000 more… https://t.co/HeQ5lq2VQd
I remember only a couple that really fought the evil of Obama!! https://t.co/5LLYR2lzut
@webgenie01 @WoolardLynda No, but fact is Obama conspired on hot mike with Putin. Then must have had a tiff with the Russians. Amusing.
RT @orlandojm: En el blog: "Trump y Obama o la transición del poder" > https://t.co/MMAqf4z3ex https://t.co/NlsHPR14VN
Obama administration offers parting protections for Alaska waters and tribes https://t.co/X0aJEiho0N
P:Guardami,hai gli occhi di tua madre H:.....😩 Io:😢😢😢 Obama:😑 Volde:😌 #harrypottereidonidellamorte
RT @SACPAC1: @FoxNews @SebGorka "NO boots on the ground" was #POTUS Obama's battle cry...absolute, pitiful joke and lie...
@realDonaldTrump has done more than Obama and he isn't even in office yet #jobsinamerica #MakeAmericaGreatAgain
why is the news media pushing that Barack Obama, is covering up for Hillary, and why is he nor Hillary being pursued for criminal charges.
RT @BTSgoogling: jimin: *breathes* hoseok: namjoon: jk: taehyung: yoongi: jin: you: me: pope francis: barack obama: queen elizabeth: https://t.co/jUrUVHYoBE
RT @FrankLuntz: Did Russia also hack Hillary's campaign calendar and delete all her stops in rural Wisconsin, Penn., and Michigan? https://t.co/5lUnrvsGpy
Whoever runs this account is extremely misinformed when it comes to how our government works. Obama has nothing to… https://t.co/4PFEvNeYji
RT @RealAlexJones: Shocking Revelations About Obama’s Past To Be Released Soon - https://t.co/C3zb0uifkT #infowars
RT @RichardGrenell: Ian Bremner hasn't read Obama's Cairo speech > https://t.co/aLcgwS0cQv