@EftyTreb How's Libya? Egypt? Syria? Europe? Obama killed Gaddafi. Secular leaders replaced by terrorists.
RT @Liz_Cheney: Barack Obama farewell speech repeating 8 years of false claims - saying it still doesn't make it so. #Helpisontheway
RT @NBCNews: Obama: "Democracy does not require uniformity. Our founders quarreled, eventually they compromised. They expected u… https://t.co/HQQ2sLDH2R
RT @BuzzFeedNews: President Obama issues a challenge on Obamacare during his farewell address to the nation https://t.co/GImX8jRh15
RT @CNN: Crowd chants “four more years!” during Obama’s final speech. @POTUS: “I can’t do that.” https://t.co/lQsZyz9iwS https://t.co/rVIxpsyMol
RT @bourgeoisalien: Going from Obama to Trump is like going to a nice restaurant but it's full so u leave and have to eat an old ketchup packet from ur car
RT @BlackGirlNerds: President Obama is the only president we acknowledge #ObamaFarewell #OneLastTime
@realDonaldTrump Ssssh, watch a real a patriot. Watch President Obama's Farewell Address. His poise, grace, wisdom, and love of America.
Did autumn just call Obama "daddy"
RT @_tsionnn: Obama don't gooooo😭
RT @MattSoleyn: "If anyone can put together a plan that is demonstrably better... I will publicly support it," says Pres. #Obama. #ObamaFarewell #Obamacare
RT @AsiaCato: I really can't believe obama is leaving I feel like I'm getting a stepdad now
Crying watching obama's speech rn
RT @Clint_Edwards: Watching President Obama's farewell speech and realizing that he is actually leaving 😭 #ObamaFarewell #POTUSFarewell https://t.co/7Cyf2wKsoX
RT @StephenSZN_: Obama in the last 8 years is an excellent example of how to stay respectful under immense pressure
RT @WhiteHouse: Live from Chicago: President Obama's Farewell Address https://t.co/1fEYWs1Z69
Toma nota para el discurso maduro, Obama esta dando una memoria y cuenta en su despedida. Y los aplausos retumban...
Was that a peesful transition Obama just called for? #ObamaFarewell
RT @asokoloskyy: Watching President Obama's farewell address https://t.co/VJZIPAmXrj
RT @zaynice3: Dawg I need somebody in the crowd to yell "TALK THAT SHIT OBAMA"
RT @NTN24ve: #ENVIVO Barack Obama ofrece su último discurso como presidente de EE. UU. desde Chicago --> https://t.co/pyMjtGVxVF https://t.co/O9VEs5PLXa
RT @philipaklein: Obama's assertion that he "shut down Iran’s nuclear weapons program" isn't close to being true.
Hug me until Obama comes back