RT @AJentleson: Cotton blocked the appointment of Cassandra Butts for 820 days - until she died of leukemia - because he wanted to… https://t.co/p8swmZsLwj
RT @crissles: Girl Melania has the audacity to be an Obama birther when there is actual proof that she came to the US and worked illegally. The irony...
RT @sahilkapur: .@PressSec on whether Trump intends to undo Obama’s pro-LGBT exec order: “I’ll have to get back to you… I just don’t know the answer.”
RT @mlagder: mejor a lo que hizo obama de quitar el himno nal de las escuelas por "respeto" a otras nacionalidades ...le quito n… https://t.co/7SMOuIJ42n
RT @leahmcelrath: There's conflicting info about when WH comments line was closed, whether by Trump Admin or last wk of Obama Admin. Deleted original RT.
i like trump and don't like the obama's but this literally the funniest thing i've seen all day https://t.co/uOeaAdUNF0
RT @Ayyye_G: Obama left and took the sun with him.
#ICYMI Via @FB_loaded FLOTUS Michelle Obama tells what she'll miss most about the White House https://t.co/XQuqR1eC2k
RT @lucolegend: Zayn talking about meeting Michelle Obama is the cutest thing 😩 #Pillowtalk #BestMusicVideo #iHeartAwards https://t.co/GAqyWGg9X5
RT @wesearchr: Dear ANTIFA thugs: exposing people who violently and criminally assault Trump supporters isn't "doxing", it's "assisting law enforcement".
RT @JoyAnnReid: Big winner in U.S. withdrawal from TPP? China. https://t.co/CjycVmP95i
RT @toureism: When Y'ALL'S President that Y'ALL voted for is already trying to take the jobs you got because of Obama and now y'a… https://t.co/IKCpKIxzBm
RT @erieland_: The sun ain't been out since Obama left the office🤔🤔so what's rlly going on? https://t.co/BkEiWuB1oi
To say I miss the Obama admin goes without saying. But seeing this presser, I miss Bush 43 too. #crazyshit
RT @_TARYNitUP: It's the Monday after Trump's inauguration. Which Michelle Obama are you today? https://t.co/FspcTqfYrm
Barack Obama’s last interview as president was for a podcast with his old communications team https://t.co/4A8V6wGgar
RT @hiltinho: Sabe aquela foto que mostrava a posse do Obama mais cheia que a do Trump? Pois é... Mais uma mentira da… https://t.co/8HqglMnByW
It makes me laugh to see how people = criticizing #POTUS for re-negotiating, when Obama appeased terrorists like the Iran regime @PressSec
Today @PressSec assumes there was no tablet or online viewing social media platforms for President Obama in additio… https://t.co/kJ1zyEdgm1
RT @Xtian_Xavier: It's been 3 days and the Sun has yet come out since President Obama left D.C...
just popping in from my grieving to check on this: are liberals against drone strikes now that it's not Obama ordering them?
Obama Out: 3 Things the First Family Can (Legally) Swipe From the White House - https://t.co/r7Ft503ZIH https://t.co/nOULCcLe3S
RT @jose_simao: Nem Trump nem Obama. Na Preta Gil tem mais gente! https://t.co/8UENycJc4H
RT @LindaSuhler: I've heard more good news from Sean Spicer @PressSec in the last 15 minutes than we heard in the last 8 years from the Obama Admin. #MAGA
RT @TheOnion: Obama Fills Out Lukewarm Glassdoor Review After Exiting Presidency https://t.co/QtFRSeSeKt https://t.co/ht1z2pAbBg