RT @RepAdamSchiff: Art of the Squeal: I blame Democrats for a bill Republicans couldn't pass. I blame Obama. I blame Australian Prime… https://t.co/fgtocQM5Bx
RT @hale4jesus: We'll watch #ObamacareFail and dems will have to come to our side.Obama dems own it.Let it implode.#ResignRyan https://t.co/81VjfpGSrT
#FoxNews mr president the democrats got obama care passed with no help from republicans
RT @ethanklapper: We now go live to former President Barack Obama https://t.co/NoFpbMDFLo
RT @IsaacDovere: House Rs voted over 60x to repeal Obamacare while Obama was president. They voted 0 times on it under Trump, and are now ready to move on.
@mitchellvii your gonna see more and more ppl jumping on board the Trump train when Obama care crashes...
RT @Cahooooon13: If a genie granted me three wishes, one of mine would be to have another four years of President Obama. #CompletelySerious
RT @XLNB: Obama: Hey Trump, I heard ya ole fufu ass bill didn't have enough- https://t.co/Kp0LRQVWDl
RT @NormanDeArmond: @mitchellvii Judge Napolitano said 3 Fed agents say Obama gave her majesty WireTap data She decyphered it&returned it to Obama EVIDENCE!!!
RT @brhodes: President Obama worked for a year to pass the ACA. This whole train wreck has been a couple of weeks. Low energy! https://t.co/QcAnH2pen7
RT @yashar: Omg Obama White House Photographer just posted this, read the caption. https://t.co/P8vGtM6KJ8
@DavidCornDC TRUMP should just kill obama & hillary and destroy the leftist scum. Burn their agenda and kill every democrat fuck
RT @dumptrump33: Hillary: Do you believe it? Trump just pulled the healthcare bill. Obama: The Art of the Deal my ass! https://t.co/GqeMF2jn2s
@politico @SpeakerRyan Uall r right but Obama Care will burn Spectacularly & Trumps not afraid to pull back & give Y'all what u want
RT @LHSummers: If Obama had lost on stimulus it would have been devastating. This is worse given history of repeal votes.
RT @BarackObama: I read letters like these every single day. It was one of the best parts of the job – hearing from you. https://t.co/so1luBcszV
@lynette530 OK :-) Trump The DealMaker & Gop, OWN Washington, can pass anything.... But blame Obama! ;-) Thats fair...?
RT @RonGilmoreJr: So he’s just gonna “Let Obama Care Bill Explode” OK …. And then what?
RT @The_Trump_Train: BREAKING: New intel confirms Obama admin. used surveillance tools to spy on Trump and his team as well as illegally unmasking names.