RT @AprilLaJune: Not true. One #obama golf trip cost taxpayers millions while @POTUS and family never take vacations. You're a hater… https://t.co/EwgFAlnWur
RT @greenhousenyt: In just the first month, Trump family trips cost taxpayers $11.3 million—nearly as much as Obama’s cost in a year. https://t.co/bVOM7kCGVX
RT @dbongino: Explosive ---> "House intelligence chair claims top Obama official leaking to media on Trump" https://t.co/62AOD8DPVX
@jessebwatters I can't imagine the backlash if I were to say Michelle Obama did not look happy as first lady
RT @christogrozev: Impressive Chris Wallace: "We didn't like Obama taking shots at Fox, but he never crossed line this president has" https://t.co/fgIbu5yl57
RT @VoteTrumpPics: PROMISE KEPT!👍 ✔️ @POTUS Trump Overturns Obama Rule Killing Mining Jobs. #TrumpDigsCoal#AmericaFirst 🇺🇸 https://t.co/PLyu3nRuys
RT @Pamela_Moore13: Obama & democrats described the Muslim immigrants as "women & children" Red Cross: 72% are men of fighting age.… https://t.co/FCHVeBfoHT
BOMBSHELL PROOF! Obama’s COUP To Overthrow Trump Is HAPPENING Right Now - https://t.co/rHRUrg3CsH
RT @spectatorindex: Lawsuits filed against US president in first fortnight of term. Clinton: 5 Bush: 4 Obama: 5 Trump: 55 (NPR)
@realDonaldTrump there is one White House. Stop this nonsense. This is so corrupt. Obama would never have gotten away with this.
RT @realDonaldTrump: Crimea was TAKEN by Russia during the Obama Administration. Was Obama too soft on Russia?
Anyone remember his tweets railing against Obama for playing golf? https://t.co/3SvuZ9xHHM
RT @Debber66: I once compared what the Obama Admin did to .@JamesRosenFNC to what Hugo Chavez did to reporters who went against him! That's REAL tyranny!
RT @FoxNews: .@rushlimbaugh: "Donald Trump has nobody helping him other than the people who voted for him. Obama had the media.… https://t.co/ccA9W3HiXv
RT @thehill: Former Obama officials: Netanyahu turned down secret peace deal https://t.co/LAgZ6G05Kr https://t.co/noyOr6agbt
RT @Lrihendry: YES!!! Secretary of State Tillerson DRAINING THE SWAMP! Obama's Shadow government kicked to the curb! Well done, Si… https://t.co/svSVs3RhKs
RT @pspoole: .@BrettMDecker i helped some Coptic Christians apply for visas. Islamists burned down their home. Obama rejected. https://t.co/z9fVN2qwam
RT @Pamela_Moore13: Obama & democrats described the Muslim immigrants as "women & children" Red Cross: 72% are men of fighting age.… https://t.co/FCHVeBfoHT
RT @leo94_gm: Obama had his share of executive orders and nobody bitched as much as when Trump signs his.
RT @foxandfriends: .@Uncle_Jimbo: President Trump used the same power as Presidents Obama and Clinton used for national security, and… https://t.co/KsMb7gFNLH
This is disheartening Obama-linked activists have a 'training manual' for protesting Trump https://t.co/NbXoka66bK via @nypost
@JimMaerk @thehill Obama played over 400 times on our dime.
RT @Maggyw519: Hey "pure" progressives ™ you can bet your ass @HillaryClinton wound keep Obama regs and adding to them https://t.co/ywNhl72IoX
@RubinReport @traecrowder @YouTube he doesn't educate himself on Obama otherwise he would change his tune one DT! Obama was against the USA!
RT @JasonJleehow: Makes me wonder just how that law was a " job killing " Obama regulation ... https://t.co/NzJZFPyR3O