@grettir They are not because it is their idea, not Obama's.
Trump repeals Obama regulations with four new bills https://t.co/wrqHoM8E5b https://t.co/fDXU6dY9nw
RT @RealMuckmaker: Rep. Devin Nunes sure seems like the wrong person to lead the Trump-Russia probe https://t.co/MRleaUmGqI via @voxdotcom
@TheRickHoweShow (at)ViceNews: "Trump...guts Obama-era environmental protection" https://t.co/eUC6QTZkxa https://t.co/MnBtzxQFH2
Trump moves decisively to wipe out Obama’s climate-change record https://t.co/BlfNLB4Jeh
RT @2ALAW: [Watch] Best Video Ever!...Donald Trump Fans Love It And Hillary/Obama Supporters Absolutely Hate It. @SandraTXAS https://t.co/5NZdvNys5F
RT @paperrosie53: Trump just released his plan to gut Obama’s climate policies. It’s worse than you thought. https://t.co/IxLB5J9twU via @MotherJones
@realDonaldTrump if Obama would've tried to pass this same exact bill EVERY Republican wud'v voted against it... And the Democrats for it!
RT @GaetaSusan: DIA E-Mails↔ISIS Deliberately Armed & Funded By Obama & Clinton✔💥#treason #genocide #evil http://t.co/TTKDY7q9PX http://t.co/Of0On9Dg2b
.@CNN @donlemon Obama had been Out of Office 2 months! Vetting for Obama? Get off it Betsy McCaughy. You sound like a conspiracy theorist.
RT @andersonDrLJA: How #TraitorObama is Orchestrating a #DemocratCoup of Legitimate #TrumpLedGovernment! #ArrestObama & #Try4Treason… https://t.co/L7MTZsqHh1
RT @JackBPR: Reporter says he was booted from NYC 21 and older club after angry 18-year-old Malia Obama confronted him… https://t.co/lL561wgRpy
RT @MotherJones: Trump Just Released His Plan to Gut Obama’s Climate Policies. It’s Worse Than You Thought. https://t.co/IDcwF8Ma87 https://t.co/8O9JLukD72
And On the Lighter Side... #Trump Moves Decisively to Wipe Out Obama’s Climate-Change Record https://t.co/1Nl13xgrCh #11thHour
RT @DumpTrump22: #Trump Calls for Probe Into #Wiretap Report He Read About on Breitbart https://t.co/OuUlWjqAVs via @bpolitics https://t.co/v2aej90tQ4
President Trump Will Sign Executive Order Rolling Back Obama-Era Environmental Regulations: https://t.co/3NOrBwuN5e https://t.co/QcPfc4SxcT
RT @voxdotcom: Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Adam Schiff say Devin Nunes should recuse himself from Trump-Russia probe. https://t.co/7cdPbtDTxT
RT @RJSzczerba: @realDonaldTrump The Donald finally has bigger numbers than Obama! https://t.co/ly2rP3hSn5
RT @RealEagleBites: ACTUALLY, Top Obama-Clinton advisor #JohnPodesta NOT TRUMP paid 100k stock options by RUSSIA-linked company. https://t.co/uWz6KvE3Sy
@SpeakerRyan @NatResources @repdonyoung Your desperation is showing. You'd punch your own mother to spite Obama if he said she was nice.
RT @JasonLeopold: Trump moves decisively to wipe out Obama’s climate-change record https://t.co/vNH3kd7g4r
RT @ish10040: "BREAKING! Documents Show #Obamaisafraud Surveiled Entire Trump Family For 8 Years" https://t.co/Z73HPHC7id #alist #feedly
RT @vicenews: Trump’s latest executive order guts Obama-era environmental protections https://t.co/FIA7aAcunf via @vicenews https://t.co/Xln1qJkQ9d
RT @tonyposnanski: @realDonaldTrump Obama wanted health care for all. You want it to be destroyed so your ego is in check. Obama was… https://t.co/p0fHZB0gRI