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@Ann__i_ ..?! 요즘 바른생활 어린이 됐어요..?!
RT @goalbiencom: Josue'nin eşi Joana Pesqueira, Yolanthe Yenge'nin tahtını sallıyor https://t.co/bCZvYdZc8f https://t.co/G0CrBWhgZ2
RT @B_ajurun: OASISの座《痼痼謬繆寝取快楽至高天(しこしこびゅーびゅーねとられしこうてん)》
มี of oasis ด้วยนะ 55555555
RT @footbalista_: Wesley Sneijder'in eşi Yolanthe Cabau, bir çocuk evlat edinmek istediklerini açıkladı.
RT @SusanneLeist: Welcome to Oasis, where nothing is what it seems. 🙀THE DEAD GAME🙀 https://t.co/A2kdBxfS9i #StrangerThings #suspense… https://t.co/ut5Gu6s6iC
RT @alfredpoprock: Liam Gallagher of Oasis Live in Manila บัตรถูกสุด P1,800 (1,250 บาท) VIP P9,190 (6,400 บาท) https://t.co/7Mk4q1EnRr
@reno_guitarlife わたしはOasisとKurt Cobain見てまする( ⚭-⚭) れのくんはすきですか?(♡ơ ₃ơ)
@maaaako_21 すげぇボレロだ………シルヴィギエムのボレロも凄いけど、あの踊りって無限大に解釈の仕方が出来るから誰の見ても素直に感動できちゃう
A lot of fuckin' garbage stuff going on in the US today, but MBMBaM is truly an oasis in the trash desert.
RT @RMGale82: Not too bothered if Oasis and The Smiths never reform but if the Orange Organics perform again, I'm there like a sh… https://t.co/0NiCveZj9C
RT @OasisFashion: Get organised with @OasisFashion this Christmas. RT & follow to #win an iPad #MerryMishaps - http://t.co/7yzuHrw4l1 http://t.co/LCNeLLjWvH
Have you heard?? Ride share second brand new track Home Is a Feeling https://t.co/oacOkhQXWv @rideox4 @Andybebop
@Pristin_E_ (슬쩍)(저데리고가죠요)(질질)
RT @Vitweber__: @uma_greemistaa vai p oasis e nos encontramos lá!!!
@Minhvi_Oficial n fuimos beneficiad en ub villas oasis nadie nos d respuesta .@MQuevedoF .@maryd_quevedo1 .@NicolasMaduro .@Minhvi_GestionS
@uma_greemistaa vai p oasis e nos encontramos lá!!!
RT @Suicidiou: "A gente quer dizer tanta coisa e acaba ficando calado." — Oasis.
Cada vez se ve más lejos ese oasis.