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В центре Одессы нашли подпольный цех по пошиву "брендовой" одежды - https://t.co/4WvXOe1ozM https://t.co/FnhPFKrPo0
@nyy_06 大丈夫です。 DMに画像を送らせて頂きます。
#TuesdayTrivia Of the 16 American League pennants awarded in years where October 1 has fallen on a Tuesday, the Yan… https://t.co/v7NSUCsiMk
Who come in as the favorites to win the American League? #MLB #PinstripePride #NYY #RallyTogether #Indianshttps://t.co/1xXgN22roK
[09/25試合一覧] アスレチックスが14年以来となるPO進出を確定させた。これでALはBOS、NYY、CLE、HOU、OAKの5チームに決まった。 NLはCHCとMIL、LADとCOLがそれぞれ1.5ゲーム差。COLはWCにお… https://t.co/XE3TYX6bzX
@mkraju Someone does not sound satisfied & content with the process, still not holding my breath for her to do the right thing though
@RFsQCUQx6zngRvC リプライありがとうございます。那須雄登くん関連の物をお見せ頂くことは可能でしょうか?
RT @asialbx: My period watching me get random cramps before she makes her grand appearance https://t.co/B3wdMrg5rw
RT @_Neezy1: everytime I turn around I need some shit. I better stop turning around 🤣🤔 https://t.co/p7Mb3kxi0u
jngre qbzvanag naq nyy zl jngre cynprzragf ner fpbecvb fb v pnag gnyx nobhg gur vafnar nzag bs srryvatf v unir <3… https://t.co/rU5zKeisy6
RT @Hatewatch: A white supremacist who killed Timothy Caughman, who was African American, in New York City last year said in court… https://t.co/cM3gOB5Dc2
@julianborger Shows the respected he has for the rest of the world
RT @julianborger: Trump is next up to speak at UNGA but he has not left Trump Tower yet according to WH pool. Someone (Ecuador?) wi… https://t.co/8f2fsqkhHI
RT @shadowandact: Officially set: @tamronhall's new talk show gets Fall 2019 launch on @ABCNetwork owned television stations group… https://t.co/aU19YMSOpO
@farnazfassihi I'm actually shocked at the Rouhani compliment
RT @farnazfassihi: US President #Trump today: Kim Jong-un is "Terrific." Hassan Rouhani is "a lovely man." #HumanRights #Iran #NorthKorea #UNGA
RT @JakeSherman: Pete Aguilar has formally announced a bid for Dem Caucus vice chair
RT @justin_fenton: Police identify man killed by police after allegedly shooting an officer. They say Nathaniel Sassafras shot Ofc Phi… https://t.co/oTwUwI1Ms0
@Yankees D Rob... 2 walks and then that smash.. He got very lucky.
RT @RyanRuocco: Giancarlo Stanton On #R2C2 debuts Thursday.
俺の日米野球のMLB選抜の候補選手 投手 セールBOS キンブレルBOS セベリーノNYY 田中NYY スネルTB クルーバーCLE ディアスSEA シャーザーWAS デグロームNYM 平野ARI