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RT @si_mlb: The latest complication in MLB free agency? Introducing the “swellopt,” and why it’s another troubling sign for pla… https://t.co/iv1T2n2PsR
Johnny Griffin Vol.2 ' A Blowing Session' Blp 1559. Gelder. Ny23. 1st Mono https://t.co/1x8vOxxubH https://t.co/GGJMrBMTW2
RT @Ken_Rosenthal: Former major leaguers Joe Mauer, Matt Holliday and Brian Jordan all chose baseball over football. In my latest for… https://t.co/0Ar7cxKxEW
RT @InspowerMinds: Worry about your character, not your reputation. Your character is who you are and your reputation is what others think you are.
RT @OMGcutepups: Teaching the furbaby how too..... Umm.... ah..... how to pet....er..... love a cat! . LOVE ALL ANIMALS...... https://t.co/k6fvkC6Bjw
RT @peter_king: In today's FMIA column at @NBCSports, you'll find: • How Doobie and Cheese saved the Saints season • Early storyli… https://t.co/0gEhytejtR
Cleared: Incident on #NY23 EB at NY 217
@ars617hi するするするぅーー!!!褒め倒しに行こうーー💛💛
RT @ESPNStatsInfo: For the first time since the merger, the four highest-scoring teams in the NFL will reach Conference Championship weekend.
RT @genarolozano: El desabasto de gasolina necesita: 1) comunicación y herramientas del siglo 21 y no spots como si fuera el gobierno… https://t.co/oCzWwDYCwx
RT @JohnJHarwood: new CNN poll on how Americans view Trump’s performance as president: 37% approve, 57% disapprove
RT @Brewers: "Juuuusssst a bit outside.... How can guys lay off pitches that close?” https://t.co/oxxONq3OJN
RT @JPAlvarezGuedea: La desesperación d la gente está llegando al límite... En Acambay rompen ductos p/conseguir gasolina, se ven famili… https://t.co/BpNQcNqrsc
RT @cnnbrk: After months of speculation, the NFL announced that Maroon 5, Big Boi and Travis Scott would perform at the Super B… https://t.co/kGpPtUrTVt
RT @airlivenet: BREAKING Due to shutdown, TSA security checkpoint at Terminal B to be closed at Houston Bush Airport, making it the… https://t.co/djdGvvhAqT
RT @NumbersMuncher: That cat knows how to finish what others start 😂 https://t.co/SMb9kclWdv
RT @f_solorzano: Al pasar frente a coches cargando gasolina, mi perra se detuvo a comer una porquería incrustada en el piso. Como es… https://t.co/GjqIeNvM46
RT @ellimitedelbien: Encuentren al impostor😂 Es adorable😍 https://t.co/v5hO3fPrcf
RT @ProFootballTalk: Eagles have only themselves to blame. They had this one. The Foles bubble bursts. Excellent championship games coming.
RT @SNFonNBC: The top two seeds advance in both the AFC and NFC. https://t.co/saUuwCQX8R