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RT @Ayaka_1218: 見てねーー‼︎😆RT @AyakaStaff: 【出演決定🎉】 11/13(火) 8:00〜日本テレビ「スッキリ」に生出演します! 明後日リリースのオリジナルアルバム「30 y/o」より「あいことば」をTV初歌唱します♪ ぜひご覧… https://t.co/W9NmAJJl5c
RT @peter_king: Of course not. In fact, there is no reason to live now. https://t.co/yCRWpZq5CG
RT @PitchingNinja: Mariano Rivera, First Save Mechanics & Final Appearance Mechanics (rear view/overlay) https://t.co/GpIoCy1ARu
RT @PitchingNinja: Mariano Rivera teaching Roy Halladay and Scott Kazmir his Cutter. https://t.co/ng1U1tSN3O
RT @si_mlb: It remains to be seen how much longer Madison Bumgarner will stay with the Giants. That decision falls on San Franc… https://t.co/x5B95gfQgw
RT @si_mlb: After years of buildup, Bryce Harper can finally determine his value on the open market. Tom Verducci sets the stag… https://t.co/JrwxGy8O5E
RT @AyakaStaff: 【出演決定🎉】 11/13(火) 4:55〜フジテレビ「めざましテレビ」にインタビュー出演します! 内容はお楽しみに♪ https://t.co/4BWYmfS8mU #絢香 #めざましテレビ #人魚の眠る家
RT @AyakaStaff: 【出演決定🎉】 11/13(火) 8:00〜日本テレビ「スッキリ」に生出演します! 明後日リリースのオリジナルアルバム「30 y/o」より「あいことば」をTV初歌唱します♪ ぜひご覧ください✨ https://t.co/zRfYaQ9rdO #絢香 #sukkiri
RT @rojas1977: Para los amantes de la Historia Contemporánea esta foto de hoy en el bosque de Compiègne tiene un poder simbólico f… https://t.co/A2nLBizxhM
House lawmakers return to Washington to hammer out spending on border security and President Trump’s wall, in a bi… https://t.co/P8IT6jZ24V
Jailbreaks, Submarines, a Gold-Plated AK-47: El Chapo’s Trial Will Tell an Epic Tale https://t.co/iucgy6q0mU #chapoguzman #drugwar
Trump’s Nationalism, Rebuked at World War I Ceremony, Is Reshaping Much of Europe https://t.co/fFn6z3ifmP #Patriotism #EmanuelMacron #WWI
Todd Gurley is insane!
Weekend Update: Pete Davidson Apologizes to Lt. Com. Dan Crenshaw - SNL https://t.co/GwaNQn7dYg via @YouTube #SNL #ApologyAccepted
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Excelente discurso de #EmanuelMacron sobre la importancia del patriotismo y la erradicación del nacionalismo… https://t.co/ZZ4bEG0LF3
Macron est mon héros. Un discours plus direct à Trump et à ses idées, impossible. /// #EmanuelMacron #pidounaplauso https://t.co/zLMTNHlN2j
RT @si_mlb: The Astros reportedly had a deal in place for Bryce Harper in July but Nats’ ownership nixed it https://t.co/cEmLLk9ezj