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RT @IceQuebe_: You was the number one seed ha? You was the team to beat ha? You gon take a seat ha?
Phoblographer: A number of Sony's lenses receive support in the new version of Capture One 10. …
@realDonaldTrump A good number of your #Twitterfollowers check out your #Tweets like one would turn to look at a car crash.
I liked a @YouTube video from @RealLuigikid WE ARE NUMBER ONE BUT IT'S A GAME
RT @dogownersuk: Reasons your dog should sleep on your bed at night,,,Number One is our favourite...
RT @GingerHotDish: You'll always be number one in my heart. *points to vagina* What? A redhead's anatomy is different than everyone else's. Just go with it.
@johncenaAm I don't think number one is going to happen. #thebeast is in a foul mood. @BrockLesnar @HeymanHustle #wwe
@DannyJohnJules Sherlock just pipped #DeathInParadise to number one for the week! You were so close!
.@jugendingenieur Teenage Engineering to announce dedicated OP-1 sampler device for making remixes of "We are number one"
RT @AndrewRalph7: Potential collapse of power-sharing in Northern Ireland doesn't even make the number one BBC headline, NI so irrelevant to British audience.
RT @dailylarrydose: ok so louis' number one fan niall liked his selfie so how long until steve likes it too
RT @GetGreekMusic: Η Έλενα Παπαρίζου ήταν είναι και θα είναι το number one της καρδιάς μας ;)
#1: TOVEY, #2: MASHAMAITE, #3: NZAMA, #4: TAU, and last but not least (Mzansi's number one) #5: KHUNE
RT @BBCScotland: The @scotsquad chief's cracking down on rogue number plates... Wednesday 18 January, 10.40pm, BBC One Scotland…
RT @Jsmoothe_7: Take care of your family.. that's your number one job as a man 💯
Gostei de um vídeo @YouTube de @CabecaDeLajota_ We Are Number One só que com Programa do Ratinho
I liked a @YouTube video We Are Number One but it's sang by the Nostalgia Critic
This is the season ur name will be introduce as the "number One",God says;Money is rolling towards u",Stretch ur hands of faith,Amen #GrabIt
RT @euphorixa: you gotta be your number one fan man. stop depending on other people to give you self esteem & a sense of worthiness.
Gostei de um vídeo @YouTube de @CabecaDeLajota_ We Are Number One só que com Programa do Ratinho
RT @zallgoodfranta: @PromiseFranta @YouTube YOU GOT THIS KAMMY ILL BE YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN
Oh wait. It's Chanel Number 3 with the chill voice. Lmao wrong one.