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RT @keithredding: @ClayTravis @BrittMcHenry Jon should have yelled "Roll Tide". It's customary when you have sex with a family member.
μπορεί ο Duke Nukem να τα έβαλε με στρατιές από εξωγήινους άλλα στο τέλος τον σκότωσαν Κομμουνιστές εγκληματίες, να τα λέμε και αυτά παιδιά.
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@Carlos_Nukem Totalmente, o los que no leen a Pérez Reverte porque les cae mal xDD
hello twitter! i stream duke nukem 3D on twich soon so stay tuned for more deatails
stalkerは4年、duke nukemは14年だった そうなると月姫リメイクは24年かかるんだろうなきっと
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Streaming some old-school Blood FPS on Twitch, Duke Nukem 3D in a horror setting! Do you like your games bloody?
@Fabada_Heydrich Como me recuerda esto a: Soy to metalero illo me gusta Pantera. Phil Anselmo hace saludos nasis. Y…
RT @Fabada_Heydrich: -Este caballero ha sintetizado un fluido que ayudará a frenar la metástasis +Tiene un tuit machista en 2012 -Menudo hijo de puta
I wanna play bulletstorm again and FOR A LAUGH I want to play it through with duke nukem as the protag but fuck $55 for that
RT @HistoryInPix: Kiss and Tupac.
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Ahora Manuel Bartual es un machirulo? Por que?
Duke Nukem was my 1st video game of my life! Duke is my father btw
Duke Nukem 3D 20th Anniversary World Tour Platinum trophy Hail to king baby! Nobody steals our chicks and lives!
что вообще известно про Duke Nukem Forever?
RT @LoveIt: Fleetwood Mac - Dreams 💜
RT @DavidOlusoga: My thoughts on the new History Wars that lie behind the struggle over statues.
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¡Echa un vistazo a mi transmisión desde mi PlayStation 4! #PS4live (Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary Wor...) live at
Turns out the 'Game Of Thrones' was actually Duke Nukem all along. Y'know, because it's got toilets in it.... Sorry. #GameOfThrones
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