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@BantzFerdinand I was just trying to find a clip from the game but ohmygod I just found the games original trailer…
Qué onda el nuevo Duke Nukem?
How about jail time for those advocating violation of constutionally protected rights under 18 USC 241 & 242, Duke…
@DLoesch Duke Nukem is trying to be funny. Fail.
@DLoesch Eric “Duke Nukem” Swalwell should speak before the NRA Annual meeting. Perfect venue for him. 😂
Hey there Duke Nukem, how many Bills have you passed lately? Why don't you start getting to work for your constitue…
RT @NGPpodcast: The 2019 Retro Gaming Tournament is complete! 64 Games 5 Rounds 1 Ultimate Champion Our champion beat Duke Nukem…
#Persona 5 going through the same dev hell as Duke Nukem Forever, No Man's Sky and Sonic Boom. PS4 fans so desperate they're celebrating it!
@Renie_62 @ericswalwell @DLoesch The difference is that you're honest. Duke Nukem has been engaging with Dana for years.
@ericswalwell @DLoesch Lying while virtue signaling is not a good look Nukem Swallowswell.
@DLoesch I'm sure Duke Nukem will volunteer to be the first guy through the door during those confiscation raids.
@ericswalwell @DLoesch Might want to give it a shot Duke Nukem
Eric ‘Duke Nukem’ Swalwell Vows to Send Recalcitrant Gun Owners to Prison
@ericswalwell @DLoesch Dumbocrat Duke Nukem @RepSwalwell lies, as is typical of Dumbocrats, claiming he doesn't kno…
@RepSwalwell Listen to Duke Nukem 👈 over here
@ChuckCallesto Calm down duke nukem
@ChuckCallesto Good ol Duke nukem what a badass🤡
Because there isn't sex and/or nudity in games? Like Leisure Suit Larry, or the part where the stripper gives you…