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Now tracking: The NRL Is No Place For a League Star, Says #superbowl Winning Kiwi
RT @TheParraEels: Print a copy of our 2017 NRL Draw and lock the dates in your diary! NRL Draw: #blueandgold
RT @bIessly: i get jealous easily but idc
RT @LSDTribe: Love is beautiful because it's like finding somebody to fly through space with
#NRL #SPORTS #NEWS "Summer Slog: Storm rule out signing halves duo, a host of NRL stars close in on returns"…
RT @DamnRealPosts: Be good to people for no reason.
RT @stfdaus: selepas adib si ilhamatic datang dan kejut saya, saya dah tak boleh tidur. tidak lupa juga perut saya yang lapar mengganggu saya :)
Young Dragons Attend NRL Rookie Camp #nrl @NRL_Dragons: The St George Illawarra Dragons National Youth Competition…
@nrl_aifaa memang ada benda tu ke kat kepala
@NRLpicks fuck I hate that overrated cunt
@NRL_Bulldogs same in stores if I was to head out that way
Would've RT'd 5 mins ago, but have just climbed back off the floor 😂 "Ladbrokes guy rates the NRL nines jerseys."
@srod009 @T_XVII they happily work for whichever evil pays them to turn a blind eye all media here have self interest in afl nrl