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@GrillTeam @TripleM_NRL @NRL_Bulldogs Hasler been running the same tired game plan since 2014, results getting worse every year
@RadioTABAus The 4 guys on the bench are proving more crucial than ever. Nrl form starts from now.
Private Ryan: Nathan Peats’ comeback, How Tigers passed on Ryley Jacks, Canberra’s triple…
The #NRL ladder suggests one thing, but the #PowerRankings says another
Kieran Foran too distraught to talk after being ruled out minutes before NRL return (Yahoo and Agencies)
@mmmhotbreakfast Eddies pressure test? Triple M Sydney NRL team have been doing it for years...
@Tiinaa_xo @NRL_Dragons 100%. I love this new attitude they've got in the squad.
RT @GrillTeam: #NRL Recovery Session is next. What's next for the @WestsTigers & @NRL_Bulldogs Stream:…
RT @GrillTeam: #NRL Recovery Session is next. What's next for the @WestsTigers & @NRL_Bulldogs Stream:…
@NRL_Dragons @JacobHost wasn't out there for the full game, but still played well. Great effort last night mate.
Woods embraces Tigers' tough times in NRL. #RL Tigers Woods #
@NRL Time to rid the ELIAS/FARRAH/MOSES +3 stench Our 112yr old Club deserves better BACK2BASICS + NEW COACH NEEDED not SENSELESS GREED
@NRL_Dragons @joel_thompson12 had an awesome game as well. Love the aggression he brings into the squad. Keep it up brother.
@choox75 @AFL @NRL where'd you find that logo Jimmy?
@NRL_Dragons @tariq_sims had a great game, as usual. Love your commitment to the fans as well, mate. Always spending time with us afterwards
@NRL_Dragons Gotta give props to Captain @garethwiddop. Bloke has a car accident and he didn't looked fazed in the slightest.
The @AFL crowds were incredible whereas @NRL crowds can NEVER get close .Ever. However I'm a died in the wool @NRL
@dragonsfan1988 @NRL_Dragons loving the wanting to play for each other attitude and not wanting to let anyone down
@NRL_Dragons @EuanAitken3 played good as well. Just gotta be mindful in defense & not rush in all the time.