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It Was Inevitable: Nintendo Finally Puts Mario on iPhone
RT @macrumorslive: Along with the new force sensitive home button, the new enclosure of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is water and dust resistant.
RT @9to5mac: iPhone 7 is Water and Dust Resistant IP67
RT @CNET: iPhone 7 colors so far: Jet black, black, gold, silver, and rose gold #AppleEvent
Jet Black Good enough for me to buy a new phone.... *wts iphone 6S Space Grey 64gb
Iphone7 looks like the iPhone 6 with no headphone jack. Yall really going to get it....?
Apple unveils iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Apple announced the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in San Francisco on Wednesday. As pre…
Apple: new iPhone is waterproof and dust resistant Me: is it shatter proof tho? Apple: #AppleEvent
iPadizate: Cono todos vosotros, el nuevo iPhone 7.
RT @501Awani: #AppleEvent "Inilah iPhone terbaik yang pernah kami cipta. Inilah iPhone 7." - Tim Cook
RT @techradar: Oooh, new Home button on the iPhone 7! Force sensitive, solid state, and a new-gen Taptic Engine. #AppleEvent
Waterproof iPhone fuck yes Apple
Endlich kann man sein #iphone theatralisch in den Fluss werfen. #AppleEvent
The Iphone 7😍
The new iPhone 7 home button is pressure-sensitive and provides "taptic feedback" when you press it
Why There Is No iPhone 7 HARAMBE EDITION? #iPhone7launch
RT @svenstein: IP67 – das heißt: das iPhone 7 ist wasser- und staubdicht.
RT @iTech911: iPhone 7 Shipments Have Already Left China 🎁📦🇨🇳
iPhone is now Water resistance. FINALLY. #AppleEvent #iPhone7
RT @Gizmodo: The iPhone 7 is here: Everything you need to know
The gloss Black iPhone 7 looks a lot like an iPhone 5c.. Not fancying it..