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RT @TALCvids: Adam Lambert shazamed "Hot Patootie" and said "Ready?"
RT @llaurengormann: Adam Lambert makes a really hot Eddie #RockyHorror
Can we see Adam Lambert as #Eddie again? I need to relive that again! Amazing but too short! #RockyHorrorPictureShow
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RT @marabakes: I love me some Adam Lambert tho! #RockyHorror
Adam Lambert was the only one worthwhile - as far as worthwhile goes in this garbage - which means PEACE OUT I'm done.
RT @_1_800_Danimal: I want Adam Lambert to serenade me everywhere I go #RockyHorror
You are briliant Adam. You stole the show.
RT @EricLI1965: @adamlambert @RockyHorrorFOX ADAM YOU WERE FUCKING PHENOMENAL
Adam nailed it. ❤️👌🏻💃🏻 #RockyHorror #AdamLambert #eddie #mercykilling
RT @_JessiConn: Adam Lambert as Eddie is 5/5 stars..2 thumbs up..10/10..100..A+
RT @ReasonsSmiIe: The Rocky Horror Picture Show with Adam Lambert airs tonight.
RT @socialitelife: Instagram 7: Adam Lambert, Jake Dalton, Orlando Bloom and More
RT @_Savannie_: #RockyHorror Adam Lambert, Tim Curry and Victoria Justice are the only good counterparts to the originals.
RT @News_Today4: Adam Lambert as Eddie in ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ 2016
RT @Jennster81: @adamlambert @RockyHorrorFOX Adam you did Meatloaf proud! 😍😍
RT @AlexMaseda: Where do I buy the giant poster of Adam lambert ad Eddie
Adam Lambert tho... 😎#RockyHorror
adam lambert killed it as eddie tho #RockyHorror