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【Gaejeong 】 Opened in 1978 in central Daegu, Gaejeong a Korean restaurant serving ... #KoreaTrip
Guess where you can now find this face...🙈 Proud to be an ambassador of Korean beauty in my home…
RT @macartherpark: 국내 광고 왜 이렇게 구린거지 매번 이정도 수준에서 더 나아가질 못하네
RT @soompi: 7 Of The Most Popular Korean Beauty Products In America
If someone is brave It is a 83 Korean Delhi Today, you will receive your commission.
Hi, Korean friends. Please translate. 😌✌🏻 . For @Inquirer2bU Photographed by @maikaanthoni
RT @HyoHyunLove518: The word actually has a terrible meaning too. I think part of it is derived from the korean word for dog. I wouldn't use it lightly
This Korean BBQ plate from Seoul soul was amazing!! Could eat this stuff every day! @ Seoul Soul…
Sistemang Korean 💝💝💝 @ Jang Ga Nae
Korean buffet ➡ Bingsu 😙
RT @the_kittykat5: LMAO BUT ISNT IT HILARIOUS THO. IU in a foreign place and a Korean person passing by her on the street says out lou…
Today my mom said oh this korean band sounds good . She said KOREAN NOT CHINESE! I'm so proud 😂
RT @jiminsrich: Me listening to bts and thinking i'm korean
RT @soompi: 7 Of The Most Popular Korean Beauty Products In America
RT @_100cm: 페북보다가 발견한 사이다 사진 한 장
Robert's Korean Name : Po ji eun
In Korean, smile means ✋🏼 and angry means 💩.
korean tv shows> portfolio
RT @jljzen: “Unification of Korean peninsula is inevitable. The question is: Will China choose to be on right side of history?”