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In Chess it's called "The Sicilian Defense"...The offense thinks its winning while the defense tightens the noose.…
@KyleIff you bump this new future yet??????? If you say Future is trash find a noose and a tree
@Donna19_26 Mr Noose is making a chocolate cake for Tuesday soz 😀
RT @XxBUCHINAxX: Me before summer: I'm gonna take honors and get my shit together. Me on the first day: "Okay Google, How to tie a noose"
Hangs dolls on a noose in the shed and has masks on the bedroom wall, and makes masks like young Michael Myers
RT @LuaAmfer: tell it,"you belong to me. This ain't a noose, this is a leash and i have news for you, you must obey me" ♪
Hang yourself with a noose.
Blithe spent her time last night researching how to tie a noose, how long it takes to hang yerself, how painful it is, what could go wrong..
What will allow the pseudo-Islam noose to tighten round your secular neck? Your silence!
‘They say if you give someone enough rope they’ll hang themselves, but in this case are we sure it’s not fake noose?‘ #OHnewsroom
@ggreenwald If anything, the press has been pretty lenient about tightening that noose like they should.
【GTAO】パシフィック銀行強盗(パシフィナ) NOOSE呼んで全員銀行脱出し現金持ちを守りながら満額クリア Pacific Standard Bank Heist - FINALE 【PS4】
they sold out in one second, im currently tying my noose
RT @JunsuiFilms: RT, FOLLOW & #WIN Shadow Of The Noose - The Complete Series on DVD #JonathanHyde #BBC #Drama #ShadowOfTheNoose Out…
@TheRickyWill iiiiiiit into the noose!!
RT @JOUK_er: A buen entendedor.... con un gif basta.... Noose nada jo..
RT @TimBrellow: The noose tightens: U.S Allies Conduct Intelligence Op on Trump Staff, Associates via @egbertowillies
RT @JunsuiFilms: RT, FOLLOW & #WIN Shadow Of The Noose - The Complete Series on DVD #JonathanHyde #BBC #Drama #ShadowOfTheNoose Out…