Noodletown is not the place you want to take a date

Noodletown28 BoweryNew York, NY 10013212) 349-0923After midnight and after a show or movie, when most if not all of the food places in Chinatown, NYC have closed down, there is Noodletown on the Corner of Bowery and Bayard StreetsThe atmosphere at noodletown is Chinese luncheonette when it was new and it is not new now. There is no maitre d, cooked ducks and pigs hang in the window. Soup is scooped out unceremoniously in front everyone. The waiters are constantly busy and either do not have the time or the English to greet you and certainly not to hold your chair.What noodletown does have is good home-style Chinese food. They go through great quantities of duck and the duck comes cut up with crispy skin and most of the fat gone. The Chinese broccoli is very fresh and steaming hot and actually cut so that even a Westerner can eat it with chop sticks. All the other dishes seem to have the same attention to detail that makes a meal very welcomed.Like I said dont take a date to Noodletown unless you want to impress them with your ability to find good simple Chinese food.for more see

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@jordanisburly love too dissociate at chinese restaurants
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RT @TorianBitcoin: Wait why are Chinese food restaurants playfully laughing at/with me? I like Chinatown and that place.
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Also find me hella frustrated by D.C.'s lack of reliable Chinese restaurants that deliver to my house
RT @NoBeardJordan: Swear to god there's no labor laws for Chinese restaurants every time I walk in this bitch there's a kid that isn't even 5 taking my money
RT @da13thsun: I dine in Polish Restaurant Spanish Japanese Chinese Ethiopian Indian Vietnamese Filipino restaurants Never Black or White 😂😂
Looking for Chinese food? There are very good restaurants such Orient Chef. Go to and order now!
Definitive list of top 3 Chinese food places on planet Earth: 1. Mall Chinese restaurants 2. China 3. Main Moon off of Rosewood Cola, SC
@hungryhouse only 2 Chinese restaurants to choose from. Both of which are shit 😩
@BOLBEGONIA Dan ben je hoogstwaarschijnlijk overgevoelig voor Ve-tsin, ofwel E621. Veel Chinese restaurants gebruiken die rommel nog steeds.
RT @_theepocahontas: The best Chinese restaurants are the ones that look abandoned 😂🙌🏽
RT @_theepocahontas: The best Chinese restaurants are the ones that look abandoned 😂🙌🏽
Gas stations, grocery stores & Chinese restaurants need drive thrus 😩😩
@nhigiri there are specific restaurants u can get this in but most of them are run by chinese owners (at least in socal)
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