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@chgrand666 @cat_nole يعرف الأختباء جيدآ love♥♥
@shinny006 saving it for Clemson weekend lol
@PH_Nole I did way too much. Prepped myself to go out and be productive... decided it can wait.
@PH_Nole complacency has set in.
RT @Micasuarez020: "Para ser feliz, hay que tener mala memoria."
RT @Micasuarez020: - eu me acompañas al medico mañana? - dale a qué hora? - a las 6am tenemos que estar allá
@fsu2ratiiid maybe Houston has a 'culture' problem
@PH_Nole I didn't even read thread. Just throwing random quotes I've heard about JF in same situation.
@fsu2ratiiid fact is people lose. Ain't the end of the world. The good people just don't lose very often.
@MeganMaeve At least you'll be up to snuff for the series. #silverlining
@agingernole talking self-preservation & conflict de-escalation outchere @SeminoleReverie @Jmacfsu24
@PH_Nole @SeminoleReverie @Jmacfsu24 sephora and polling data. Hilarious. And perfect.
@fsu2ratiiid when you're the flavor of the month, you can do no wrong. You know this fam. Remember when spread supposedly O's owned Saban.
@Marylou_Kas Bonsoir Ton ami Murray joue la semaine prochaine. Pas Djoko. Il va revenir à 400 points de Nole à la ATP Race.
EDのラストの辺りで画面にそっと出てくる単語たちなのだけど、4話分繋げても意味がわからんくてぐぐったら、細川ガラシャという方の辞世の句であるらしい。twitterで検索しても皆さんそうだろうと。 悲しい句だけど、それでこそ「歴史を守る」ってことになるのかもなーとも思う……
RT @emma_ernst: GLOW. UP. I love you my Nole and miss you so much!! Enjoy your day and know I am thinking of youu 💓🎉
@Rivals_DLack still have to take the L because if you win vs. injury you don't give the W back.