RT @MajorNews911: Update: New Orleans police: 21 hurt after vehicle plows into parade crowd - @beauvans
This NOLA gas putting me down 😳
RT @DobermanPetra: .@CassityCaire Good morning my dear friend! ☕️Wishing you a sensational Sunday in #nola !⚜️Enjoy today! 🎉🔮#bacchus…
RT @diariodejuarez: #Breaking Sospechoso se encuentra bajo arresto; descartan atentado terrorista #Endymion #Krewe #NOLA #NOPD
Gov. John Bel Edwards' Rome trip cost Louisiana taxpayers $15000 for security -
¡¡¡58 triples intentados de Houston esta madrugada!!! Han anotado 22. El record NBA lo tenían ellos esta misma temporada contra NOLA (24)
RT @AlexCFinnie: BREAKING: 4 Sprill Hill College students injured in NOLA parade attack. #Mobile #NewOrleans
Wish I was in Nola 😩😩😩
NOLA music on now! Bonerama - Less Is Moore #NOLA #radio
RT @Hotpage_News: AT LEAST 12 HURT when vehicle plows into Endymion parade crowd in New Orleans - NOLA
RT @Forever2A: #اليوم_الوطني_للكويت #الدم_يحن_ياكويت إنها الخز الموشى بالذهب وعروس البحرِ بل تاج العرب "انها ليست كويتا وكفى" 🇰🇼
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First class on the way to #NOLA for #MardiGras so you know it's about to be LITTY LIT LIT
I can't wait until the 28th #MadiGras in #NOLA
Madre mía lo de NOLA. 🙄
bom dia, to de ressaca mas nem fiquei bêbada 🤔
【いよいよ来週!】3/5日曜「私的見解」新潟WOODY wombscape(東京) NoLA(東京) GOREVENT ANCHOR 18:00/18:30 ¥1500/¥2000/18歳以下¥0 DM・リプ・メールにて予約受付中…
Gotta start coming to NOLA more often . I love it
RT @MelindaFox26: So glad Jonathan and all of my NOLA friends are ok. Joining him in prayer for injured. #neworleans #Endymion
NOLA music on now! Louis Armstrong - Dream A Little Dream Of Me #NOLA #radio
RT @NOLAnews: Homeland Security analysts downplay terror threat from 7 nations in Trump's ban