@emilymckinley_ this reminds me of that one time in that one house in Nola
When ALL the hot pinks match!!! Blooming Crepe Myrtles in the Bywater...and my friend’s hair! #bywater #crepemyrtle
The #InternationalSpaceStation is passing over us right now! April 24, 2019 at 01:44AM, for 610 seconds. #ISS #NASA #space
@barbskell Yes, We have the atlantic gulf stream and all that slamming into each other along with weather off the W…
Being in NOLA rn makes me miss Dillard so much 😭😭
Point of this...NOLA was robbed. Yep...die hard. Still on it!
Nola izaten ahal zarete hain zinikoak, HB eta ENAMen borrokak zuen praxi autonomista eta erreformistarekin berdintz…
RT @MoviegoerMike: When you're as big a movie nerd as I am and @tcm invites you to hang on the set as @BenMank77 records film intros,…
RT @LoJiKuLJohn: @erinbiba @saradietschy @Shell I just saw in NOLA aquarium, the oil giants push artificial reefs that start on the…
@TheLifeOfMea Yea I’m definitely not letting up!!
CROWBAR ⚜ ODD FELLOW'S REST NONE HEAVIER 👊 @crowbarrules #OddFellowsRest #Nola backonblack1 #Heavy #Doom #Sludge
RT @TheLifeOfMea: Yes ma’am show them tf out !!!!
@VGKmoms @spittinchiclets It really was... Now we know how NOLA felt during the Super Bowl playoffs... 🤷🏾‍♀️
Nola can kiss my ass 🙄 he must’ve forgot he slept w the enemy..
RT @TolgamJana: #دعم_خاص ☂️🌱☂️🌱 حساب مميز وراقى تألق فى سماء تويتر 🕊 ☂️🍃☂️🍃☂️🍃 @nlo_9 ( #nonh ) 🍃🌼🍃 حضورها انيق 👇 جمال…
RT @farah17007: " كل خيبة أصابتني بها الأيام، تركت في قلبي ندبًا، أتحسّسه مثلما يفعل الجندي بأصابعه على موضع الرصاصة ".
Justice silent for Metairie homeowners alleging I-10 sound wall work damaged houses
RT @farah17007: بلا أي مٌبررات ظن بي ما شئت.
RT @farah17007: دائماً رمضان يجي بالوقت المناسب ،الوقت اللي يكون فيه الواحد بمنتهى الإرهاق والتعب والدنيا مقفلة بوجهه ما بين مشاكل…