no service

Hey. On vacation here, i don't get any service. I tried calling * 228 but it wouldnt go through

Out of all the cell phone carriers I've ever had, @verizon really has the best customer service. Thanks! 😍
@ATT let someone purchase a phone on my acct, now mine won't work. Still the worst customer service ever. Switching to @verizon tomorrow!
@sprintforward I'm talking about cable not cell phone companies besides I have verizon which is awesome service has been 4 me 4 20 yrs
@verizon place order online in 10/8 needed a phone jack called verizon got customer service from India they dont know a dam thing
Just turned WIFI off on my phone and I can get on twitter now! It's Brighthouse that sucks! Thank you Verizon for having good service!
. @TheTechDad A8 I received texts & email from @verizon offering support info for my new phone. Great service #VZWBuzz
@TMobile @Aspoels @verizon yeah um t-mobiles service sucks and anytime I have no service with t-mobile I have service with my vzw phone πŸ˜„πŸ‘ŒπŸ–’
hopefully when i get that phone verizon has good service bc this boost service is πŸ‘ŽπŸΌπŸ‘ŽπŸΌπŸ‘ŽπŸΌ
@VZWSupport Verizon needs to support PCV's and suspend their phone service to make their participation in PeaceCorps a little easier. Kinder Never ever get @verizon @verizonSupport service. Especially an @htc phone. Horrible.
Oh @verizon I pay a third if what I paid you, and I have a better plan, phone, and service. #ProjectFI
RT @JamMasterAlex: I bet the sprint guy that use to be verizon guy probably has a t-mobile phone service.
I hate paying my phone bill it always leaves me broke after!! Verizon has great service but you will feel like your getting robbed😑😑
I bet the sprint guy that use to be verizon guy probably has a t-mobile phone service.
#iwannascreamwhen Verizon customer service keeps me on the phone for 45 minutes. Which is weekly, practically.
@verizon has poor customer service. After being on the phone for 1 hour and 55 minutes, I still can not connect to the Internet.
Wanted new line of service, purchased new @verizon phone online to pickup in store. Store "good to go" new line not added. Phone not working
@verizon Verizon has the worst customer service of any cell phone provider. The reason I switched to ATT.
T mobile phone service and customer service sucks. Im going to give Verizon a shot...
@verizon I'd like to be able to talk on the phone with out dropped calls all of the time. Service could improve in outlying areas too!
all day I was like "my phone so dry" only to find out my whole service cut offπŸ’€ gotta make this trip to Verizon
Back on the phone with Verizon internet service 17 in 3 weeks! UGH!!!
@VZWSupport you are the worst phone service EVER. EXTREMELY dissatisfied with my verizon experience. cannot wait to switch. c u soon @sprint
@verizon your phone service maybe good but your Wi-Fi sucks