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i boute a new lap top hard drive and lag no fix
In the middle of the night, the GOP took their first steps towards taking away healthcare for millions of Americans…
@Do_You_Minecrft ik how u feel. I went from store bought to prescription pills and now im just how i started. Seems like theres no fix :|
@iPwnStore I’m on iPhone with Micro cert, I have not had an email, I have sent a ticket the other day but still no fix or reply.
@namulijane9 @Airtel_Ug I'm officially leaving airtel Internet, I've complained since November with no fix
@WarcraftDevs Male blood elf DH order hall set has been broken since you released the expansion. Two patches and no…
RT @4thImpactMusic: To our ever loving mother,inspiration,stylist,mentor,critic,MAMAger HAPPY BDAY! We ❤️ You! Enjoy your BIG day 😍…
Puta que pariu, a pessoa pode nem descansar que já leva tiros, que isso Karlão? VEM CC1
RT @Tropa_5H: "...volto logo, fazendo um álbum" (Camz mudou a bio dela, vem CC1 VIBES )
RT @holynorminah: Vem 5H3 Vem CC1 Independente das escolhas que tomarem eu nunca vou deixar de apoiar quem sempre esteve aqui por nó…
@metgav @AHopper68 @SwannyQLD Gavin I don't know what rock you have been hiding under but the economy is a basket case - with no fix ATM.
RT @PugDaKehh: Me chamou de iludida Logo eu Fã da Kéfera #TKLovesYouKefera
RT @keferaliza: Tentou me rebaixar Logo eu Que tenho 1,50 de altura #TKLovesYouKefera
RT @lauradaq: "Kéfera perdeu meu respeito" " menos 1 inscrito" " passei aqui para me desinscrever" #TKLovesYouKefera
@cheesesoda @GoDaddy 6 days my site has been down and i have the top managed #wordpress plan, doesnt migrate and they charge me still no fix
RT @SquadArianaBr: Podem contar com nossa presença na tag de hoje. Iremos fazer mutirão no portal. Boa noite amores. #SideToSide…
@devonneonlinebr rt e menciona a demi no fix pls. Pede p pessoal fzr o mesmo , eu imploro
RT @CanadianSaiyan1: Absolutely breathtaking! I close my eyes & listen on repeat to brighten up a bad day or make a good day greater. Th…