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Giants still have another run in them... 2016 NL West Champs just watch
@AvakEric let's go dude, I'm pumped. NL West champs or bust!
@zeldaA_S we just want to be able to call them the 4 time defending NL West champs when we take home trophy #4 I think. Maybe.
Giants NL West Champs confirmed.
@IntentionalTalk the Giants will win NL West cause of the pitching of mad bum cueto and peavy #Giants are NL West champs
@BobbyofHomewood @Buster_ESPN he guaranteed the Padres as the nl west champs last year how'd that work out? He's a clueless hack.
I mean, NL West Champs 3 years? I canโ€™t wait for the podcast today.
@Buster_ESPN Great, let's link the savant who crowned the 2015 Padres NL West champs last winter
@DodgersNation @CHIEFIT_UP this time last year Padres were being crowned NL West champs
Now they're just 3 time NL West Champs with no rings
I hope the Diamondbacks got a refund clause for their deposit on that "2016 NL West Champs" gear.
Pads 2016 NL West Champs don't @
Feel bad for D-backs. Less than a week after many crowned them 2016 NL West champs, people are already handing World Series trophy to Cubs.
@Dodgers @MLB haha the Dodgers put NL West champs in the Avi. Dodgers are the champs! - Dwight Howard
@DodgersDigest @mike_petriello tell that to the 2015 NL West Champs - the Padres
@followAdamA Arizona already the NL west champs
Remember last December when everyone thought the Padres were going to be NL West champs after the winter meetings?
The people who are predicting D-Backs NL West champs are the same ones that predicted the Angels in 2013 and M's in 2015.
Dbacks. Nl west champs 2016 ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Dbacks 2016 NL West Champs?
@Buster_ESPN Pads NL West Champs
We haven't even seen them play yet? Dodgers are reigning NL West champs. Easy man.
Your 3rd place in the NL West Champs, Arizona Diamondbacks.