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RT @FatBoyChubbz: Alotta You Niggaz HoesπŸ’¨
I be tryna keep in touch with all my niggaz even tho I don't speak to em or see em. Make sure they straight
It's not a nigga that can say he took my heart, ran in my pockets or hit my in the jaw. Niggaz know wayne not sweet!!
RT @theMarqueta2: #remembR wen dey tried 2 condemn #jeZus & he wud #juZz 😹✌🏽️ #diZappeaR or get on a boat & sail away like bye #niggAZ
Fake niggaz don't show me love. And all you fake bitches, I don't want your hugs....@NipseyHussle
"Send my love to your new lover treat her better gotta let go of all our ghosts we both know we aint kids no more" - listen to Adele niggaz.
niggaz be fans just like dese hoes onflu
RT @theMarqueta2: #keeWaZ sheltered #remembR ?! I ain kno #niggAz cud be #zohh wack 😩😩😩😩 I #waZlikE yooo #waHt iz life , #iZzZ #diZz #reAleE #hApnN wer Ashton
niggaz love falling asleep on the phone wit me like it's a religion πŸ–•πŸΏ
Niggaz wana be king...long live the chief #Salute me...Lead,follow, or get out the way #Shottagyal @_SkyHighRadio
Niggaz Ruin MLK Day In MIAMI 8 People Sh0t! Celebrating Non Violence With Violence! #iShitUNot
@2RealJV42 everybody knew who shot the day after the shooting But niggaz act like the cops didnt know but the whole internet and streets did
Niggaz can't an don't do it like me😏😎 #ooouuu #NeroBaby!!!πŸ’ͺ🏾πŸ’ͺ🏾
RT @thickredchicago: So many poor miss guided niggaz, Big dick only fills the womans pussy, the right dick will fill a womans soul. My X…
I'm just up thinking like I love all my niggaz like we all kame out da same pussy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but fr tho #cTe4LiFe #GBM #LoE
I liked a @YouTube video from @Tjsotomayor 9 Niggaz Murder3d 40 Wounded In Shitcago Over MLK Jr Weekend! The
@96tillinfinity tax is good with a lot of real real niggaz way more the troy. This is facts. Not twitter talk. U talking mad hot garbage.
Thru the blunt n henny u look into eyes of the devil n see niggaz screaming in hell..The struggle is real n all u gatta do is pray
When GFK said "taxing kingpin of the rap drug trafficking, village niggaz get smacked in manhattan, big ghost steps…
@2RealJV42. Yall niggaz support pussy niggaz with guns like tax ..but thats real right?
@brehennessy ❀️ only real niggaz gone wife
"I hate ya'll niggaz as much as I hate the taxman" - Barcelona Nyovest
@2RealJV42 solid niggaz always get killed ..thats life .. The biggest gangsters get killed by suckas