Tweets about a recent trend: Niggas

>washed up rapper who spends their entire day arguing with anime niggas on twitter dot com what a life
RT @FunnyBrawls: Bruh this niggas dad showed up 😂💀
Know some real niggas like to swang
Y'all niggas worship the same hoes that we be draggin
RT @shortyfrmtwitta: I've only had darkskin niggas leave my life in shambles. Smh.
RT @Pretty_tammm: Niggas getting married and still cheating what's the point? Please do not marry me if you still want to fuck hoes
Ya niggas be sick to ya stomach bro...! Make ya own moves dog we not worried bout ya
Niggas wasn't playing their day role. So we parted ways like Ben and J. Lo.
When i tweet something sexual and niggas start following me, lol y'all are in for a fucking disappointment
Niggas stay stealing my lighters dawg
Im starting to think niggas like head more than they like 🐱
Bro niggas out here running back and forth in the hall😐
RT @JayPapes12: Trill niggas do grill things
RT @_BeautyisNAE: Niggas be more messy than these females 🙄
🎶I can't fuck wit hoe niggas. I can't trust these hoes neither. Wake up early in the mornin, eat my pussy like cold pizza 👅
RT @trashcanna_: shit we gon sip with my brew all of my niggas be bool even when rocking that blue
Lmaoo you niggas is weird 😂😂😂
RT @niya_amourr: these bitches & niggas so irrelevant to me 😂
RT @Yaya_wxlf: #TheMovieMusicFest will be hosted by this Bunch of Lit Niggas yey it's gonna be too turnt 😭😭😭😭
RT @tyreaxseals: niggas be fighting they homie over pussy that shit so sick to me
RT @aaijaaa_: Need y'all to know that I never needed none of y'all niggas
@BitchesOnly_ ------------> fuk ( Niggas ) yo , .................. #Mexicans too .
So many hood boys. Niggas I ain't seen like centuries. Niggas really need to change shit for real.