Amazing view of the city this evening from the @cofebirmingham offices.
Not just for kids. For everyone. This Sunday 20th Dec @gasstreetchurch 330pm. Not to be missed!
Loved skating today with the @gasstreetchurch guys - although one of the things I'm definitely NOT born to do!
Great to rehearse for Sunday's all age service @gasstreetchurch! It's going to be fun! 330pm Jongleurs Broad Street
Maybe a bit late for this year but bookmark this for next years carol service or Christingle!
Gas Street Church Christmas service for all ages this sun - Carols, StarWars, Worship & Small Oranges wrapped in red
Loving having a fresh translation to read @tptbible I#Romans is pretty full on isn't it??!
"If we just build a massive church but no one in the city knows about it then we've failed" @timhughes77 @gasstreetchurch
@sarahfmcdonald @RevdRich @stmellitus yes i was going to say same - from what I see with my own eyes it seems a massive shift is underway
And inside? Content from legend Colin Buchanan and some light bedtime reading .... ;)
This arrived. WEIRD. I'm going to have to get used to it....good prep. I love that it's juxtaposed with Kylo Ren.
This is very funny (obviously not a reference to me and @beckydrake ;) #instagramhusband
Agreed. The face of the church will be so different in the next decade. @RevdRich @stmellitus
Love that Barth had portraits of Mozart and Calvin above the doors in his study. 2 key influences and observers!
We'd love to see you there! @gasstreetchurch Christingles 20.12.15
Working on final tweaks to an article coming out in the new year on the Spirit and the Catholic Church.
@karamelykaren67 ha! And hopefully some theology ;)