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@MINAJCHARTDATA LoL u saying it like Drake got a list of d people dat dissed Nicki ND did a colab wit Dem to hurt N…
Nicki, Drake, and I have a lot in common now. None of us follow each other
I don't know what this silence beef is between Nicki & Drake but y'all need to cut it out. 😑 Now! *Speaks in angry black mom*
Se supone que ya que se me regularizo la presion debo estar haciendo mi tesis... pero dumb ass me esta rappeando con nicki, drake y cardi πŸ˜…
Young Money Comeback discussing the reemergence of Wayne, Nicki, Drake &... via @YouTube
Je peux pas faire Nicki, Drake et Shawn en 2 semaines wesh 😭
RT @Trillsav_Rambo: I got three for you nicki drake and 69
Moment 4 Life- Nicki & Drake 🎢🎡
Since I was 13 I been waiting for Nicki & Drake to stop playing πŸ˜‚
It gave the best performances from Diddy, Dawn, and Kaleena. The best features from Usher, Chris Brown, Nicki, Drake, etc.
RT @niceguynaj: I will never get over this video of Nicki & Drake in the gas station πŸ˜‚
I’m telling u Nicki drake and BeyoncΓ© could come out tomorrow supporting Donald trump and y’all mfs would be like β€œβ€¦
my mom listening to these new nicki & drake is soo funny to me idk why.
@_luvsarii Lol the whole young money mad as FUCK right now. No Nicki, Drake or Wayne for that one. πŸ˜‚
nicki, drake and lil wayne, a.k.a the big three
@razaazar00 Someone truly spent time out of their day to browse Nicki & Drake’s Instagram followers to see if they…
@zackvan118 I just wasn’t impressed, none of the songs really gave me a goosebump feeling. I think people like Em w…
highly suspect that nicki, drake and lil wayne feel the need to keep coming back to the fact that none of them have…
@SouthBeachSheed Right. All u have to say is Wayne, nicki, drake. Some of the most influential artists ever...via Baby