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The thief only comes to steal, kill, and destroy. I came that they may have… (John 10:10-11)
Nice boys @timfarron & @nick_clegg on the #remoaners soapbox again, they've got to be in cloud cuckoo land with this
Here's an Inspirational Bible Verse for you!
This dude's tweet thread is unfortunately on point 😕
@nick_clegg @timfarron white working class culprit. Be realistic Jihad's are here do not encourage them.…
RT @DavidJo52951945: Clegg is a traitor, he tells Theresa May to pay the EU's £52 billion Brexit bill!! he wants to ruin the UK,EU puppet
@LesleyMillercyp The postal vote king is on a par with clegg and farron..true apologists for anyone against Britain..
Great education piece in Observer @nick_clegg @NickyMorgan01 @LucyMPowell Decent cross-party critique of current madness. More of same, pl
RT @IsabelOakeshott: Why does Nick Clegg still believe @realDonaldTrump thinks NATO is "obsolete"? The President has now made his support for NATO very clear
RT @IsabelOakeshott: Clegg denies he's out to "thwart" the will of the people over Brexit. Still banging on about having a second referendum #bbcsp
This is what happens when we have free movement of people, well done Liberal Snowflakes like Farron, Clegg, Corbyn, Blair & Abbott.
Clear summary of challenges facing UK on eve of A50, and of key points of #brexit negotiations. Bravo, @nick_clegg!
We must help poorer pupils, but not through selection | Nicky Morgan, Lucy Powell and Nick Clegg
6. Remember what happened to Clegg and Liberals who disappeared up their own political arsehole because they got into bed with Tories.
skittles, m&ms or jelly babies. an easy question. and clegg chose minstrels. thinking outside the box, actually boundary-violating tosser
@zlando @IsraelVideos I was a liberal but actions by Muslims has made reassess my views enough is enough
RT @McCannCaseTweet: Kate #McCann says Maddie still in Portugal but could care less to pay PT 🇵🇹 website fee? Exhibit🅰️@TheSun Exhibit🅱️…
RT @JillyCL: @RobbinHoodie1 Did you see #McCann$' snake oil salesman trying (failing!) to make excuses for her refusal to answer?