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Gjetting på hvor lenge Johaug blir utestengt er litt som å gjette på NFP-tallene. Man har de forrige tallene, men ingen har virkelig peiling
ProTech COO, Jenny McTiernan identifies the 3 key challenges NFP organisations face within the sector.
Home Support Worker - Registered Service - EasyWeb NFP - Horsham
RT @GrantThorntonUS: In working with #internalaudit, #NFP #auditcommittees must maintain the same relationships as with external audit>>
A question often asked and great to have this informative piece based on solid data! Thanks @ACNC_gov_au
@DarkB611 Quand ils seront diffusés à la télé :) (sauf le 18, déjà diffusé, faut que je l'ajoute)
@NFP_MLP ba a quand les prochain episode de la saison 6 en fr
“Bold Opinion #1: We don’t specialize in tech, we specialize in people.”
worst thing a new young trader can face is to enter the markets not knowing that that Friday is NFP'll curse your lineage by sundown
RT @Trader_Dante: OK hands up which cunts checked their calendar to see if it was actually NFP today
RT @Trader_Dante: Make sure you don't lose your shit over NFP today
RT @hzkhkiana: @nfp @kyanasdfghjkl ang huling kita😂😂😂
Did a photoshoot this week at @jailhouse with a nfp organisation of young people of all abilities. Great fun. My ki…
RT @ProBonoNews: NFPs call for decriminalisation of begging @VCOSS, Council to Homeless Persons @HomelessLaw @LaunchHousing
【個サル情報!】 毎週月・水・日は20時~21時30分まで個サルを開催しています! そのほかにもイレギュラーでの開催もありますので、ご参加をお待ちしております♪ #個サル#個人参加 #futsal
RT @AGosbell: Thanks @catgiorgi great to catch up - liking what @purposeaus is building to support #NFP #advocacy Coffee was great too!
RT @AGosbell: Thanks @catgiorgi great to catch up - liking what @purposeaus is building to support #NFP #advocacy Coffee was great too!
@DarkB611 Remise des épisodes VF, c'est-à-dire ? #swerfs say they r against brothel, then they support brothels, police, and their own org.
Supporting, empowering & campaigning for all Victorians affected by diabetes - great work @DiabetesVic Welcome to #fixfundraising
Investing in Adventure: One of the Best Investments You'll Ever Make - Behavior Gap
【平均アクセス時間】 キャッシュメモリのアクセス時間×ヒット率 +主記憶装置のアクセス時間×NFP(1-ヒット率)
RT @ACOSS: UN Special Rapporteur calls for restoration of funding to legal & indigenous orgs to continue their advocacy work:
@NFP_MLP Et la saison 6 prend la tête du classement.