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RT @FijiNfp: National Federation Party has accused Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum of misinforming the people about his role. #Fiji @FijiAG
@nfp_reece I've never been solidly against the NRA before today. But time capsule moment, fuck the NRA.
@nfp_reece There is a very large difference in a mentally ill person talking and owning a gun. One holds a street sign. One shoots people.
@nfp_reece Don't worry though. Plenty of people talked about 1A as if I think Alex Jones shouldn't be able to talk.
@OwlsHammi @nfp_reece Hitler is the only literally Hitler. Forever until the end of time.
@NoOSAnCh @nfp_reece which is ironic, since that was the entire point of the law we're talking about in the first place.
@ActivistAgumon @nfp_reece But having come from the guy who they are supposed to help keep in line is worrying.
@NoOSAnCh @nfp_reece That's another great point. Mentally ill people shouldn't be a farm where bad actors can obtain firearms.
@nfp_reece That's not even a "gotcha" question. I was extending a fig leaf there. Anyone who thinks diagnosed people need a gun can fuck off
@Atheist_Penguin @nfp_reece or to make sure children don't a hold of guns when they shouldn't.
Let that statement live in infamy.
@nfp_reece Read it all. I even conceded a point at one time. Still........