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RT @RealDonaldTrFan: I fired National Security Council adviser Craig Deare. He argued with me by saying Brazil is in South America & I k…
@Newsweek Hey Russia, Take Putin & Trump to the moon and leave them! They can fight over who gets to Rule the Moon and leave Earth to Sane!
南スーダンで飢饉発生 国連が発表 ――27万5000人近い子供が餓死する危険性も #南スーダン #アフリカ #基金 #国連
日本の地域再生を促すシビックプライドとは何か #地域再生 #イギリス
RT @Newsweek: Ford cars have been bursting into flames in South Africa. This family is fighting to find out why.…
違法なものを100%感情論といい切るほうが感情論な気がするわ @Newsweek_JAPAN
RT @NorikoHayashi_: Newsweek最新号(2月28日発売)で写真と記事を6ページ掲載していただいています。『ヤズディの悲劇はなぜ起きたのか』。写真集「ヤズディの祈り」の写真と一緒に是非ご覧いただけたらと思います。
@AndyAreYouOhkay @Newsweek is he gonna have him by them or is he gonna grab them😂😂😂
RT @Newsweek: Billionaire Peter Thiel thinks higher education is a big waste and he will pay you to drop out…
@Newsweek @RealJeffJarrett @IMPACTWRESTLING is it possible for fans to like both? It seems like someone always hates one or the other
RT @Newsweek: A new exhibit shows the incredible impact Muslims have had on New York culture for centuries
RT @Newsweek: Bao Bao leaves Washington to start a new life in China
RT @Newsweek: Just like humans, animals can tell when they're being treated unfairly–and they don't like it…
RT @Newsweek: Trump is seeking jobs advice from at least six firms that offshore U.S. work
RT @Newsweek: A leading conservative explains why he thinks that Trump should be fired | Opinion