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Hi @robrobertsRptr , I have some interesting news about Iran. Can I send you a DM or email? Thanks
David Albright's propaganda shop ISIS has scary news about Iran! Alert the media! Batten down the hatches! Wring your hands! Pee your pants!
@FoxNews if a #democrat thinks were strong, safe, World Power, Respected they need to see the news about Iran Taunting our Navy #trump #maga
@ghulamzaheer1 Any credible source of your news about Iran selling cheap oil.Iran is actually struggling with current $40 price @DrAyesha4
While trying to find the news about Iran testing ballistic missles...all I could find is news about is Trump and Muslims #messedupvalues
Terrorist attack this past week, news about Iran firing a missile-Do you really think a real estate developer can be POTUS? #dumptrump