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@unBRElievable_ there's no reason a single movie should make anybody this mad. I've seen a lot of bad movies. Most are funny bad
Inside the Beverly Hilton, the home of the Golden Globes and the hardest working hotel in Hollywood
@SasikumarVasan I know. But need to remind people like him how difficult for human to sit in his movies 😂
RT @eigahiho: ガイ・リッチー監督×チャーリー・ハナム主演アーサー王映画『King Arthur: Legend of the Sword』の最新画像が公開! ジュード・ロウ、エリック・バナ共演、5月12日全米公開…
RT @jennmcallister: Good movies on Netflix?
Watching zombie movies is making me hungry lolol
@AcharaKirk we love all your reactions videos on bollywood movies. I have seen all of them and wish I could find more of them. Lots of love
I can watch all of the Pirate of the Carribean movies, over and over .
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Which movies epitomize the Obama zeitgeist? I've got: 1. Dear White People 2. The Social Network 3. The Big Short, Inside Job 5. Moonlight
RT @Lexialex: Seriously folks, we make movies about heroic people who killed Nazis. Punching Nazis is not an ethical dilemma, it's a moral obligation.
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@paulythegun @VishalDadlani lol check Modi's lines as well... he also steals dialogues from Bollywood movies 😉😉
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