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literally CANNOT WAIT to leave where I work at the mo and start my new job! #excitingtimes #freshstart #backtoamex #8days
Need a new job tired of this one
RT @Ashleyjoyner1: Need to find me a new job like ASAP ‼️
#Karlie needs a new job. Let's call her the private investigator for now #LHHATL
RT @WhatTheFFacts: Positive events, such as graduating, getting married and a new job often lead to depression.
I like my new job because I can do homework or just chill when it's slow 🙃
So excited for this new job :)
The universe guided me to a new job. I took it. Worst fucking experience ever. Everything has been downhill and fucked up ever since.
I've been praying with a friend of mine about finding a new job, she called to let me know she finally was offered a position
@maddow wondering about Jared kushner new job, to restructure the govt. .isn't that the job of the PRESIDENT!!! How much more
@onebestever I switched to on call for CVS in December lol I started a new job jan
For me, the hardest part of a new job is figuring out all the interpersonal dynamics & where I fit. You don't know this Day 1! #withaphd
RT @dopim: #MataNajwaDebatJakarta Anies got fired as a ministry bc he's not a good worker. Now he's selling a lip service to u looking for a new job
New healthy lifestyle, new job & new adventures in the next few months. To say I'm happy with life rn would be an understatement 💫✨
RT @AM_National: Revolving door: Barack Obama's Press Secretary Just Landed A Brand New Job at NBC #tcot
I set myself up real good with my new job god damn I'm gonna be saving up way better than my old one
Has Schumer said one intelligent thing since he got his new job? Niente.
Loved my first day at my new job!!!
@llmunro @Kristi_Lodge I actually felt better about making mistakes at my new job than I did in academia, bc I had…
first day at the new job was amazing !! stoked on life
RT @nomadicgenius: @SenWarren please find a new job. Your views are not good for the country. Free is not good. Stop luring people into the lazy life. Thank u
There's this guy at my new job and he's fine af but a total shithead I've been trying to figure out his sign stay tuned
RT @Halcyon_Knights: New #job: Marketing Automation Consultant Location: Sydney CBD .. #jobs #hiring