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RT @ovoforums: Drake just suggested the possibility of him making a music video for "Fake Love" 😯
RT @BardManTinny: " AGBOO " tune turnup banger!!! lil video after studio session driving home I love the beat so i…
@VanillaBear1906 I love the mum walking in on the daughter. Always sets the stage for a good threesome.
@kisaragi0218_WM 反応ありがとうございまーす😊 宜しければ繋がりませんか?
RT @Fact: Falling in love is not a choice. To stay in love is.
Happy birthday to the best sis ever @kimberlayyyyy I love and miss you so much and I hope you have a great day! See…
i love ignoring things….. people…. problems …. responsibilities……feelings…..
See you tomorrow guys! I love you all mwa (:
I wake up in love. I wake up as love.
RT @ValboscoG: Like 💕 if you love these Pencil pants mid full length skinny jeans 😍😍 👉 Use code LUCKY fo…
RT @jonaxxlover: "I'm in love with you..." sa sobrang hina ng pagkakasabi niya noon ay mas lalo akong natunaw. #JonaxxWOMKab42
@Korea_LOVE_K_ 何lnさんですか?(^ ^)
J-Love & Ghostface Killah - Holla - now being played on Visit us and listen!
今日も胸キュン!大好きな彼と理想の恋愛してみませんか?新感覚乙女ゲーム【甘い蜜は2人の秘密】 #恋愛アプリ #アイドル #ジャニーズ
May your days be filled with happiness, love and sex with no glove ™ -Michael Morales (Me)
victim of your love i can never get enough youre like a drug that got me crawling to you for more💃🏻
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RT @K_POP_SUKI: TWICEの新曲「TT」のMVは25日午後4時30分頃、発表された40時間30分後にYouTubeの再生回数1千6万755回を記録し、1千万ビューを突破。 これはK-POP男女アイドルをあわせて、最短期間での1千万ビュー突破記録。
RT @ItsPrincessAnna: Age 4: I love Mommy. Age 16: I HATE HER. Age 20: Mom was right. Age 57: I wish my Mom was still here. Retweet if you love your Mom.
RT @itsNaCool: ' the more u know srk ...the more u love him. ' - kriti
I love vibing with other girls who are nonjudgmental and just are nice #refreshing 💕🦄
RT @MarRamij: @JanelleMarie_99 awww thanks love 💌