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RT @3S8ZbzYb2ZfBNtg: 恐れていたことが起こってしまいました。一枚だけ許されていたコートを剥ぎ取られてしまったんです。あっ~・こんな所で・・見つかったら・・おわり・です。
Pusoo langg mga mahalss spread the love and goodvibes fro MayWard MAYWARD StrongHearts
RT @J4CKMULL: When you fall in love with something and go to check the price
happy birthday mary, love you babe hang out soon 💞 have a good one today & get lit this weekend 😚 @ghoulfce
@Kentlove0907m わざわざありがとうございます!! 山﨑賢人は悪くないですよねッ👍👍👍👍
i love her... i'm thinking about her a lot...
I love @RossCameron4 haha He makes a great addition to @pm_live
RT @DiamondLarrie28: Their love will save me while Larry did not come out of the closet
@mandipie4u @BestBuy I bought one a month ago, and love it! Takes excellent pictures and videos!
RT @ygent_official: [KIM JINWOO - ’Love For A Thousand More’ (천년째 연애중) TEASER] Premieres on December 5th(MON) @ 11 AM (KST)…
@Cindy_Wooohoo Aww I love you best friend 😍😍😍😍 thank you. And I hate you for that old picture lol
RT @priwpriww: น้องนั่งทำการบ้าน แล้วนั่งดูแคสเกมส์ไปด้วย แล้วนี่เลยสังเกตเห็นที่ตั้งโทรศัพท์ เอออ ฉลาด ทำไมกูคิดไม่ได้แบบนี้อะ 555
@mattgoss @BBCBreakfast sending you much love n wishing you good luck for your first Christmas show tonight ❤❤❤❤
3) highlight – solid edm, i love how cleanly the song builds, soonyoung did an amazing job! i love how there are chinese lyrics too! ⭐️
@Eg_love_naru もう帰っちゃった!!!
RT @ZarytaxYou: I LOVE Christmas Markets😍❤️🙆🏼
RT @girlposts: "How are you?" "How's life?" "How's your love life?" "How's school?" me:
@rooock_love_00 英語いやだ💢アイキャントスピークイングリッシュ💢
Thank you lord... I LOVE YOU
Love catching up with my son. He was massively surprised when I arrived here in #Picton #NewZealand
RT @lysontal: "I hope you find someone who knows how to love you when you are sad."
RT @Saku25909962: 国木田さんに数学教わりたい。