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RT @DrankMySoda: I watched this at least 5 times today! 🤗 I love real bars
RT @whatisnisha: Just watched #Kalank. And oh my god, I’m absolutely in love with Zafar. @Varun_dvn you nailed it. The movie was dec…
Dogs can't eat chocolate, but love the taste. One bite would be like they're in Doggie Heaven!
I'm emotional and I'm not even watching rn I love my girl 😭
@ArianaGrande daaaang i love how everybody misses this time wish i could jump back
RT @StumblerWTF: Country boys I love you 😍
RT @__snmy__: . . 電線の向こうには、今年も夏が待ってる . 関東。17歳。友達になってください。 . . #日曜日だし邦rock好きと繋がりたい #日曜日だし邦ロック好きと繋がりたい #日曜日だし邦ロック好きな人と繋がりたい…
RT @laurstuffs: essa performance de love on the brain deveria ser um patrimônio histórico
RT @scenerythjk: jungkook is wearing the shirt part to taehyungs pants we love
RT @fnr72_: Lowkey wanna fall in love again but shit's scary
RT @tiffanyyoung: love you all so much. this is yours 😍❤️ #iheartawards @iHeartRadio
nevermind, it only took five minutes to remember how much i love chris hemsworth as thor.
RT @shima_s2: #志麻ワン 名古屋公演終わりました!取り急ぎ集合写真をどうぞ!!!紫一色!今日は独り占めしちゃいました✌︎('ω'✌︎ )
RT @davidsirota: Whom among us does not love faceless private corporations that pay their CEOs millions of dollars to fleece America…
RT @52hertzhope: 아 아무리봐도 이 세 명 그 지역 다 휩쓸고 다니는 댄스부 오빠들 같은데,,,,,근데 뭐 학교에선 그렇게 바르다고 소문 자자하고 자기들끼리 베숩킨라빈수가서 민초 먹는 거 좋아하는 그런 오빠들,,
@ghostinluke 💋 lauren - you are so incredibly gorgeous both inside and out like calum needs to for real follow you…
RT @126Tuki: 21時過ぎくらい?知らぬ間に爆睡こいてた…😪目が覚めてたまたまジェジュンからのツイやらIG❤開けたら見事な本人からの妖怪枕返しジェジュンw思い出して 一気に目が覚めたわ🤣 ありがとうw❤ #ジェジュン Sweetest Love ˙˚ʚ💖ɞ˚˙ ジェジュン IMPOSSIBLE
@V762art listen i love when you are out there w those facts w those history buff knowledge w the gun knowledge w ga…
Easter brings us hope, may it linger in our hearts forever. Wish you and your family a very Happy Easter..😍😍🤩🤩🥳🥳…
RT @rlthingy: hey, I wanna tell u a sad story. I love him, but he didn't. :) /rlt/
RT @cafe_army: JM was near the wall and did Romeo&Juliet again LOL JM: Oh Romeo! SJ: I told you that's a tragedy! JM: Why is it a…
RT @michellelee7221: ジェジュン~💜 日本での活動 活躍を願って~*:ஐ✧˖° ♡ #ジェジュン ˙˚ʚ💖ɞ˚˙Sweetest Love˙˚ʚ💖ɞ˚˙ ジェジュン ˙˚ʚ💜ɞ˚˙IMPOSSIBLE˙˚ʚ💜ɞ˚˙
@cloudshyun Oh I’m sorry :[ my advice would be try to drop her as your crush. I’m sure there is someone out there who will love you