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RT @StwtS_: แทสะกิดกุกแล้วพูดว่า "I LOVE U" และดูดิหันกล้องเข้าหากัน หันออกพร้อมกันอีก แทบอกรักมี่หรือบอกรักกุกกันแน่ไม่รับรู้ว…
RT @boredmegane: I drew a vampire joon just to test some brushes (also because I love adding red to his lips) #RM #bts
i hope everyone knows that i love them but i wont if they keep ignoring that...who the fuck am i kidding ill still…
RT @_Juice216_: “I can’t wait to marry my best friend” “This generation lost the true meaning of love” “Men don’t want genuine l…
RT @xoxosince2014: 현재상황 티져 앨범사양도 안뜬 앨범이 한터에서 판매량으로 집계되고 있는 중임 근데 한터는 바코드 찍는 방식으로 집계한다고 밝힘 출판 안된 앨범의 바코드를 어떻게 찍는중인지...? 저 집계가 초동에서 제외될…
RT @ShineMyGold: gettin fucked over by a person you deeply fell in love with will turn you cold af
RT @nuba5673287: フレーム持ってるジヒョが可愛すぎる❤ #TWICE #ジヒョ
All the @BrainBytesTV LOOOOVE! <3 I love this. Thanks for clipping.
RT @playboicarti: love / is high school all over again ! *
Anybody picking Cracksman here. Would love to hear your reasoning?
RT @HeroManoj1: Your Blessings, Good wishes and your love...Is what I seek as I embark on a new beginning..
Listening to Joan Jett. I love rock n roll ❤️
@Luna_bts_love_ 아닌디예ㅔㅔㅔ 저거 보면볼수록 임티 너무 방시혁쓰
RT @iiamlondonn: I love how I can slay one day and look homeless the next. Balance
RT @guwoljk: 정국아 남준형이 너무 대단하죠 ㅠ
RT @aloneww: @jirakitth_c ม่าดูเรื่องไร บังเอิญรักรึเปล่า 5555
RT @MrVoidOverlord: Also thanks @Yo_Lae for these Photoshop thingies Honestly love these😍
@mn_sekaowa_love 名古屋行きます!会えたらお会いしたいです🤤
not only do the loved him, the love him as well.
RT @Tears_Dying: 알티 이벤트 상품 사유