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RT @willis_cj: Man Dora been warned yall bout these mfs
RT @itsrjhill: The only thing you broke is my eyes, Lord Farquaad...
RT @frickinbatz: im sad but at least everyone loved dobby
if mychala had a Twitter I'd be tagging her 😂💀
RT @umcornell: i’m not saying what she did was right but this woman is facing 42 years.. 42 fucking years.. white men who commit m…
RT @V_sugarbaby: met a bunch of guys from Harvard yesterday and I kept pretending like I never heard of that school just to piss the…
RT @HankHawkins: Ive been playing lacrosse for 18 years. Too much of anything can burn you out, even if you love it. At the world ga…
favorite emoji 🚮
@bsmerecki_ self control is hard 😪
@FbpeMike @netanyahu Corbyn admitted personally that he was there. Secondly Netanya is neither a b*stard nor fascis…
RT @EmrgencyKittens: Cat having hiccups 😍 📹: nala_take
@LanC_02 Welcome to Netanya.
idk if I wanna go back to sleep or not
RT @ParisAMDParis: Netanya Rommel Café de la Paix Paris
RT @kamiepeterson: when you flirt because you’re bored and he ask “when can i see you?”
I have to tell myself everytime I go out to eat that I don't need to order a margarita
How Trump emboldens Bibi Netanya