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RT @Lindsayyfox: ANUTHA ONE!!!
RT @tannerfox: I have the BIGGEST giveaway coming up this week....
RT @tannerfox: I was supposed to take out the half pipe like 2 weeks ago.... how am I getting away with this
RT @tannerfox: Imagine a world with no laws
RT @Lucy_Fullbaster: Доброе утро,зайцы💛 Я не выспался и тк у меня 7 уроков, надеюсь на то,что хоть часик посплю днём...ну или на уроках🙂…
@my_molochko @Nelly_V3012 @nt_dmkozz @ulyanowakatya21 @minkaya_army @Dora71017 @rrr_iammark @Ykikilon @_olio___ @serdsem Спассиииииба💚💛💚💛💚
RT @EthanDolan: Bout time for Tuesday
@TheSandMan1112 @CatTonic1 @trollup_tommy @afangelar_pa @JonCoalEatDoody @GomezReporting @Trollup_Returns…
RT @EthanDolan: I'm excited
RT @my_molochko: @Lucy_Fullbaster @Nelly_V3012 @nt_dmkozz @ulyanowakatya21 @minkaya_army @Dora71017 @rrr_iammark @Ykikilon @_olio___…
Is Australia Islamophobic? Not on Your Nelly
RT @FaySoFine: If you have a BM don't even look my way 🙅🏽
RT @AriannaModels: Making sure your girl has ate is a fucking must 👌🏾
@DJSgqemeza Ngicela ukuvusa Ustehembile,NELLY Nominenhle bakw Sangweni EDicks extention #vmbs
Les matins sous la couette 💛
Because of backlash from Nelly Furtado, the SU have shunned butter knifes.
I'm so happy for my little Nelly, wish her nothing but the best!💗
@bbw_nelly A mí me quedan muy ricas, te las quisiera preparar 😁
RT @JoelOsteen: There’s a freedom when you can come to God honestly and openly, knowing that He doesn’t judge you.
@bbw_nelly Hermosas piernas!!!
RT @TropicalNude: my condolences to anyone who lost me.
RT @hunterwoodhall: She wanted sunflowers. 1000 miles away.. But she wanted sunflowers.
@Lucy_Fullbaster @Nelly_V3012 @nt_dmkozz @ulyanowakatya21 @minkaya_army @Dora71017 @rrr_iammark @Ykikilon @_olio___…