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RT @QuoteTab: Neil Armstrong: "Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's… #quotes #sayings
La próxima vez que salga a caminar en una noche clara y vea la luna, piense en Neil Armstrong y hágale un guiño. (Familia Armstrong)
@akilliusluben hani Neil Armstrong diye bir Astronot var ya? Hadi ben de sana Neil diyorum ya? Daha fazlasini sen anla...
Neil Armstrong tripped.
Neil Armstrong tripped.
"We had a job to do and we did it" and damn proud how they did it! From Neil Armstrong to @Captsully. Salute. Loved @SullyMovie.
Neil Armstrong tripped.
Curiós! L'assegurança de Neil Armstrong incloïa la desaparició a l'espai, però no el rapte per extraterrestres.
Neil Armstrong tripped.
@KidCudi's the Kurt Cobain, Pink Floyd, and Neil Armstrong of rap. Not to mention The Originator.
RT @iiz_amnoooo: Tu Chand Hy Kise Or Ka Tera Neil Armstrong Koe Or Hy~ :")
"Misteri menciptakan keajaiban dan keajaiban adalah dasar keinginan manusia untuk memahami.” Neil Armstrong, astronot Amerika Serikat"
RT @AstonishingPix: Commander Neil Armstrong making pizza at his home a few months before walking on the moon, 1969.
Neil Armstrong: "Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's… #quotes #sayings
RT @poetreats: One small step for man One giant leap for mankind Neil Armstrong steps on the moon Bounces around and stops too soon & We Never Return? #wtf
RT @iperfectzayni: 3- AYA AYAK BASMAK Aya ilk çıkan insan Neil Armstrong adında bir Amerikandır. Miladi takvime göre 1930'da,
Shoot for the stars but if you happen to miss shoot for the moon instead.-Neil Armstrong.
Neil Armstrong tripped.
Neil Armstrong tripped.
First for Wellbeing 20,000,000 steps-Neil Armstrong made1 Northants working on few more ASICS-strength 2all doing it
RT @HumanoidHistory: Gemini 8 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Dave Scott just before launching to #space, March 16, …
#people #celebrity People Magazine September 10 2012 Prince Harry Neil Armstrong ...
RT @1960sinPics: Neil Armstrong eating his final breakfast before taking off for the moon - 1969.
Two scientists everywhere. RIP Neil Armstrong (and not their middle of the Dead Week