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Post swim, summer and tennis I am 50 shades of white
@srandrl that kid loves you too
@nethanial How many years ago was that Neffie?
@__neffie__ skip school tomorrow and bring me lmao I'm begging you
@__neffie__ where do you want to eat after school tomorrow cause we're going somewhere and then nails
Sloanes mad at me so mood: (again)
*takes one step out of the room* *hears parents "whisper" about me* Tf? I have ears I can hear you. 🙄
Sitting here on a Tuesday night in a jewel Osco parking lot on the phone with Sloaney helping her with her homework
RT @srandrl: honestly really excited to see gnash lmao
@__neffie__ did you see what I cropped out
RT @ycfwneff: @__amourbuggs @HITemUP_TAE i loveee kids 😍😍😍 so bring them to T neffie :)))
@__amourbuggs @HITemUP_TAE i loveee kids 😍😍😍 so bring them to T neffie :)))
@srandrl ohmangoddamn😛😛😛🔥
I'm in desperate need of a hug, school is too hard 😭😂
The side of josh Neff only Sloaney see's @srandrl