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d-dispel? I need backup!Battle ID: 543E5DA4 Lvl 75 Luminiera Omega
I need help! Please tell me the name of the girl! She looks alot like my friend! Help me please! #OneDirection
@aycawe @co_georg precisely: am sure one could generate a shopping of dodginess. Q: does a DFI need a 'dirty work' arm aka 'investment arm'?
RT @mayiamarie: i need this room!!!!!!! tryna send my future boo these typa pictures
Your height doesn't need to start with a "6" to participate in #BigGuyTwitter does it? Lol oh well. 5'6" 200(ish😉)l…
RT @ashleyygarcia7_: Where is my love when I need him 🙄😩
RT @JimClemente: Don't need to ask. I'll tell you no one had a clue he was a "Nice guy acquaintance offender." The people closest to…
Need me a man like Jahmal
Everyone is always busy on my days off and it's really depressing. If you need me I'll be out adventuring alone today lolol
I need to stop waiting until last minute 😑
RT @Tweeklo: I need a real adrenaline rush.
RT @One2Blackburn: Enter a team and help Charlie and his family get the support they need...
RT @KingOfThornton: A vote for Ted means Gay Twitter will notch another victory. I don't need to tell you how important this is. ONWARD!
Adobe Summit 2017: Bad habits in marketing that need to end immediately
@businessinsider @SenSchumer Doesn't need your vote!! Gorsuch will be appointed so just STFU.
RT @donavinxo: Men don't need tough love from women. Men go to women for comfort. Instead of being a football coach, be a comforting woman he can lean on.
RT @MTMEblog: AD Need a last-minute Easter look for your little one? Head over to @OshKoshBgosh #FieldsofFun details:
RT @NatashaSpencerr: Seriously people need to stop being so protective of GBBO, Noel Fielding is great.
I don't need not nannnn person ❗️
RT @OFA_CA: .@DarrellIssa: We will not stand for this. Californians need #CareNotChaos, and this bill puts our most vulnerable…