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RT @bossxmary: need to pay a visit to victoria secret.
@KingJames is the man in this match @angyuumb you need to watch game. The villagers beating the New Yorkers. Cleveland all the way.
RT @Cadent801: Need a cutie too talk to.
RT @Stephaniem_112: Need: un beso que dure como 5 minutos
RT @djvasquez15: in need of a date to the zoo lights :-)
RT @LilBoat: i sat back & realized a lot of the shit I been stressing about really don't need to be stressed about.
I need to get over this shit.
RT @compIeted: I need that "grow together" type of love.
RT @lexxsashh: I need a Cali burrito in my life asap
I really need a new show to binge watching on Netflix. After X files. I think I may watch firefly neext
RT @seangrandillo: I need Dramamine these cameras #HairsprayLive
RT @abstractae: may this thread start with the song that saved the world, I NEED U. no effects. (taehyung's actual voice is a plus)…
#EmpireFox Nessa next steps need to be off the roof. Andre needs to wake up!!
RT @alwayz__daisy: i need to go find a dress for formal 😭
This shit will fuck you over in the end when do need something I swear Mfs SO BOOSIE
am I trippin or did they say 🅱️anes instead of canes on the morning announcements bc I really need to know
@SkipW77 @Unknown_Johnson @McAtheist even Jeremy Kyle has better stories than lord of the rings. U need help and lots of it! Praying for u!
I need to go back to my girl keeks to do my brows cause I look gross
RT @beccaaasmithhh: In need of a chai tea latte )-:
I just really need someone to vent too
RT @6PAPl: ima need every single one of y'all to stop sleeping on offset
Need me a white girl
RT @DemiVelasco: idk why people feel the need to lie to me as if i cared in the first place