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RT @capsize: I think about you. I dream about you. I talk about you. I smile about you. I cry about you. I love you. I hate you. I need you.
@BethiLily I miss you and I need you here now instead of Thursday
i need this right now omgggggg
One of the rare times A agreed to my suggestion i suggested😅 super excited! 😬🙌 The next moment: WAKE UP!!! YOU NEED TO SAVE UP DEAR SELF 🔫😑
RT @ulalaunch: If you really want to go to space, you'll need to understand orbital mechanics. ULA's Rocket Science in 120 has you…
You need to be at least 5'10 to be a twitter honey, try again next year.
RT @SoDamnTrue: me: omg i need to go on a diet also me 5 mins later:
I need need new friends
RT @GaetaSusan: The Left acts as if they really think they know what is best for OUR COUNTRY! You ALL need to get over yourselves!…
I need to be fully invested in this Undertaker and Reigns match. Sacrifice Roman Reigns at Mania. #RAWCast
Marquei como visto The Walking Dead - 7x15 - Something They Need #bancodeseries
RT @JohnFromCranber: Strict Voter ID Laws Need to be a High Priority in Trump Admin Agenda. Need Our Next Election to be Dem Theft-Proof. #tcot
RT @domhennessy: i'm clingy yet distant & i don't wanna come off too strong but i need mad affection but i get annoyed easily soo...
Term Life Insurance huh? Know that it serves it's purpose for SHORT TERM NEEDS...You still need…
RT @JThermss: Doesn't need words. Y'all know what to do 🙏🏾
RT @MONTY1738: The more you know the less you need to say‼️💯
@LauraLoomer @StefMacWilliams Haha, thanks! I need it. In the spirit of immigration/Mexican restaurants, y tu tambien :)
@BuffettSongs "I've always tried to learn that the good days need to last, season with a lot of laughter here and in the ever after" #:)
RT @FemaleTexts: "i need a man" *a guy slides in my dms* me:
RT @Bri_Bands: I need some tattoos
RT @morganmunnay: I'm just a happier person when I'm tan so I'm gonna need summertime to hurry up☀️
@afk_khalaf Nahh still need to unlock lets get started ,,i dont need the sbc coinage