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RT @CardiB_: I'm at the age where I just need to know if we doing this or not... cuz I got shit to do
If they really are cool (im kinda sure they are ) Imma need them to break it all down on how it all went down cause…
RT @inspire090: Your name is no accident. Numerology based on the mathematics of the universe… Pop in your name and birthday and se…
.Thank you Judge, we need Patriots like you in the Senate,not more Sedition!
RT @cloutplz: i need some of this shit for my heart
RT @Wunmi_Odunuyi: Keep Your Goals To Yourself. Some People Hear The Shit You Want To Accomplish And Think “Yeah Right”. No Need To Talk Just Produce.
RT @MelissaJPeltier: The answer is that the same @GOP congress trying to ram through a tax bill that will devastate the economy, knows t…
RT @etnow: .@BTS_twt didn't bring girlfriends to the #AMAs, but they're not sweating it at all. "We got ARMYs. We've got thous…
i need to find a better link for amas :((( mine is suck ,, can u guys tell me
need my hair cut badddd
RT @litaaaa_lita: My feet are killin me I need a foot massage
RT @etnow: .@BTS_twt explain why they don't need dates for the #AMAs: We've got our fans!
Need to see a doc? Schedule your Family Medicine, Internal Medicine or Pediatrics appt. online now.
RT @EXOVotingSquad: Go scream if you need to. Cry, ermm curse Mnet, MMA if you need to. We are voting coz we love EXO. EXO always make…
RT @etnow: .@BTS_twt explain why they don't need dates for the #AMAs: We've got our fans!
RT @RubyRose: I love LOVE 5th Harmony but this is fucking fantastic. Specially if you need a laugh or smile today which I’m sure…
RT @EdmontonJack: Sorry, hate that call, no matter what happens. You still need a touchdown. Hope it works out.
Found out one of my favorite books has a third book IVE NEVER READ. I️ NEED.
Need Charisma??? How to Be a Good Public Speaker: The Three "Cs" of Speaking via @YouTube
anybody need 1 for pps
RT @RVAwonk: You know that GOP lawmaker/Trump state campaign chair who just agreed to plead guilty to child sex trafficking? He…
RT @jalfaro__: you're family now you don't even need an invite for the carne asadas & cookouts
I been fucking wit people I don't need to fuck with, I been doing shit that I don't need to be doing. I gotta tighten up, I'm tripping 🤦🏾‍♂️
RT @A7_Mirza: 2.Resistance forces will never bombard cities & villages precipitous & relentlessly. look how much of #AlBuKamal de…
Need ko ng pumasok at makita ang happypill ko