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A friend in need is a friend indeed! Hunt diyas to win discount coupons, smartphones
RT @sexytinamedina: I Need this ➑ πŸ”₯#Porn #Sex #Sexy #horny #Cum #Teen #Blonde #Pussy #Amateur #HotπŸ”₯
RT @SCMP_News: Jellyfish have no brain, but they need their sleep
I need backup!Battle ID: 039661D0 Lvl 100 Dark Angel Olivia
RT @trice10552: Not everyone is able bodied. Some people really need this.
@ABC Yet another idiot trying to injure or kill police officers. Got what he deserved, people need to abide by the…
RT @aegyotaetae: i need holy water asap taehyung really asked jungkook if he should sleep only with a fucking tie i just
RT @Pontifex: I appeal for peace and disarmament: in this world wounded by violence, we need fraternity among peoples.
For every day, I miss you. For every hour, I need you. For every minute, I feel you. For every second, I want you. Forever, I love you.β™₯
RT @DeplorablBadger: @jeffsessions Where are you? We The People need your help now more than ever.Please un recuse yourself. Mueller is on a witchhunt. Please RT
@MickyHeydrich you don't need to reply with your address - the bot checks your profile
carry I need backup!Battle ID: 3903F22E Lvl 100 Garuda
@z_self_insert @KAIOKENGOGETA "You don't need to cry, okay? Wipe away those tears and smile."
I feel the need to add that this was in July, just so you know.
RT @Maryamhasnaa: We continually get the teachings we need to open our heart and show up as love.
RT @palabras_cafe: @HamillHimself please RT Mark so people can donate to @topos we need all possible help here in Mexico
I need backup!Battle ID: D41C9272 Lvl 75 Luminiera Omega
RT @TEATrinh: @RyG4hunnid No need to ask where bc it’s right here πŸ™„
I need backup!Battle ID: C81611B8 Lvl 70 Colossus Omega
RT @510oscar510: Aye @LILBTHEBASEDGOD you got to inform your followers that we need all types of support on Saturday, when Cal takes…
RT @startyatira34: @soompi EXOLs need to help Xingmis... Lay still part of EXO 😒
Sometimes a little extra love and attention is all I need to make me happy
RT @DAMDIVA1: @RealJamesWoods All Trump supporters need to step up and run for office at every level in California!!!!! #MAGA @realDonaldTrump
RT @ihateMORGZ: Every time I think I wanna be in a relationship, I'm reminded why I need to remain single.
RT @priyaramani: "Are you 100% vegetarian If you need stimulation before penetration? Foreplay, in other words..."