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RT @_KingComplex: Scottie: "I just found some Gucci Flip Flops in my bedroom. Don't even remember buying them." Ye:
@Nate_Cohn but the "non whites" love him! No one will be better for the "non whites" than Trump. Your numbers are wrong.
@richarddeitsch @dougastevens But, again, you shouldn't. See Nate Cohn on what a polarized elective looks like. Impugns HRC unfairly.
RT @markmobility: NEW: Clinton leads Trump 46%/39% in North Carolina - @Nate_Cohn NYT Poll
No kandeshi is hotter than this WHK sun, ek sê vir jou.
RT @ira: If I were Nate Parker's PR I would've done reshoots and put Madea in Birth of a Nation
@Nate_River1991 2日分くらいですね(´・ω・`) とろぺんとふろつん?が気になってるところです!でも一番気になるのはmikasaの島風・・・
RT @CHKUNMOD: ตอนหันหน้ามาเจอกันนี้แบบ 😊☺️😍😳😘☺️😙😉🙃 #jark #markson
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Just took two hydro 7.5s and I can barely feel it 🙄🙄 the fuck up with my tolerance to shit nowadays 😑
Listen to Her Terms - @Elgiiin47 X @Natexcv(prod.Elgiiin) by Elgiiin/NATE (47WAAVE) #np on #SoundCloud
i been down so long it look like up to me 🎧