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I remember when I creeped @lo_325's fb before I even knew her & wondered if she was related to Natalie Holloway.
@tranceinpune yeah if I wasn't gonna end up like Natalie Holloway
I had a dream about Natalie Holloway last night πŸ’­
@Randy_Haas @JTGEMINI69 @BlckdByJilZarin joran van Der sloot killed Natalie Holloway and another girl
Somebody gon fly me out one day. I've had too many offers. I just don't wanna be a Natalie Holloway.
Clearly they don't watch the ID crime channel. Or they've never heard of Natalie Holloway. STRANGER DANGER!!!
Whatever happened to Natalie holloway
@TattooFaceGuy is he white lol? He's probably my cousin, Natalie Holloway was my cousin also
Shades of Natalie Holloway.
@kenkardash_ go to cancun and become Natalie holloway for what?
@Ghimbob @rodimusprime Thanks! Have not heard a thing about this. Was thrown by the Natalie Holloway reference.
I feel like Natalie Holloway isn't dead she's in Aruba hiding.
If the victims looked like Natalie Holloway she would be salivating like a rabid dog right now.
@rodimusprime still can't find it anywhere. It's amazing because Nancy Grace talked about Natalie Holloway for a year