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RT @Tosheem: My new rule: I will never forgive people who speak from anger in spite because that’s how you really feel deep inside
RT @akaileebrooke: all i’m focused on right now is becoming a better and healthier me
RT @Diddy: I wish you all peace and so much LOVE.
RT @RWilso98: My sisters pup got stung by a bee :(
so when the devil wants to dance with you, you better say never because a dance with the devil might last you forever
RT @iGet_LOUD: A WOMAN CANNOT BE YOUR PEACE IF YOU AREN’T HERS 🗣 stop expecting peace from a woman when all you give her is proble…
RT @AuschwitzMuseum: The history of #Auschwitz is a human story - the history of those who suffered & perished but also the story of peo…
RT @UNLIKEANY_76: If you ain't tryna play hide and seek at Walmart don't hmu.
RT @unclekeem: When you switch to Trevor on GTA5 and he doin some weird shit
I hope you find someone who loves you better than I did.
RT @Amazingrocio: Two people can be in love but not belong together
RT @alissamarie42: Do you ever think about all the shady fckn places you went when you were like 15 or 16 and lied to ur parents about…
@aoifehann0n Please don't end up the next Natalee Holloway
Huobi Talk EP 35 - Libra Credit: Decentralised Lending on Blockchain Date: 21 June Time: 12pm - 1.30pm (GMT+8)
RT @yourzblue: เผลอเรียกชื่อคุณในใจตลอดเวลาเลย
วิถีมนุษย์เมนส์ เห้ออ จะดิ่งก็ดิ่งแบบสุดไปเลย.
RT @ArtLiles: Natalee Falk - "It Don't Hurt Like It Used To" (Cover - Billy Currington) via @YouTube