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Her: I missed my period did you pull out ?? Me:
RT @quadfader: This is public education in Kansas
RT @_mariahrod: I can’t wait for fair food
RT @AloondraaV: Please help me find my dad by rt. Thank you 🙏🏻
RT @SouthernHomo: Does anyone know what she's up to now??? Iconic queen
Yoooo 😂 this is my mom at Carne asadas, bailes, graduations, weddings etc... 😂😂 no joke
RT @joshxdavid: heterosexuals are at it again
RT @Benji_MikeBDB: It’s Finally Here Go Listen to SOAKING Ft. JAYK & NASTY NATE by Mike BDB ‼️🔥💦#np on #SoundCloud #RT #Like #Soaking…
@huntpiece89 “Head over arm over belly button”
RT @tobypenny_: well the straights made it illegal to be gay before 1950 & it still is in some countries so we’ll do what we want h…
@NeightWoody What about Nasty Nate, or big dog Nathan, or big daddy Woodward
RT @jonathanivan: shawn mendes is somewhere crying while staring into a fire place
RT @arianasvoice: me getting up in the middle of the night to stare at my chair with clothes on it because it looks like a person
RT @ross_skittles: RESULTS Today @AspireWrestling Skittles defeated Nasty Nate Colt vai pinfall #britishwrestling #tastethepainbow
RT @Dnasty750: New Yorks legacy can NEVER be undone.
RT @zooleykuh: All I see on my tl are girls hyping up noah but can we please give the same attention to my girl lana condor…
RT @ivanxmoomoo: Edna was NOT fucking with my outfit💀
RT @JayKuyk: Playing No games with this one . Appreciate @_nastynate81 on the verse and @nxck_knight on the keys. But this…
@_nasty__nate_ Такое же происходит и с обычными людьми , защищаешь гомосексуалистов - гей , идёшь с лучшим другом д…
@_nasty__nate_ Хотя , если я буду писать друзьям под фотками "Я люблю тебя" это будет как-то по-гейски, но сейчас т…