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And the nasty heaux didn’t even wash her hands!! Oh my God bruh!!!!
@_PRETTY_LIPS No HEAUX you nasty! 😂
RT @Jessiewoo_: This goes for all my nasty hoes...... #BoaChella
IF YOU GO AFTER SOMEONE IN A RELATIONSHIP YOU ARE TRASSHHHHHHHHH idc lol u bitches are nasty ((((not from personal…
L.A. Crawfish off Telephone nasty dennahoe.
I’m still assessing whether not I can be a nasty heaux. It doesn’t come that naturally.
RT @Dia_ExquiZite: “This goes out to all my nasty heaux” @iamcardib obviously was talking to me 🧐🤭🙆🏾‍♀️
“This goes out to all my nasty heaux” @iamcardib obviously was talking to me 🧐🤭🙆🏾‍♀️
I like my heaux nasty
RT @iAmMissKarma: chick called me while her man was sleep asking how long I’d been fucking him. “I see y’all FaceTime all the time an…
why are some of y'all so damn rude :) I just asked a fuckin question bitch :) I don't even know you heaux :) ain't no need to be nasty :)
If you want to see my explicit, heaux, NSFW, and nasty ass content, follow me here! I will be moving most of this c…
RT @trvpism: can u imagine a family member going through your phone after you died and be like “this nasty bitch…. rip tho”
these heaux god is fair, sexy nasty daddy issues
That’s why it burn when you pee now nasty heaux RT @whoDAfuckisTIKI: When she ask me to put a condom on
RT @JayKenMinaj: The Samoa’s are nasty as hell!! Y’all need to switch out with the lemon cookies THEN we’ll talk
RT @StylezBoogiee: I need some nasty sex 😭