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RT @storing: Naps make everything better
@scxrpiio exactly bro i never took naps or anything but now that shit is life
RT @e_tipp: I'm doing fine I just need like 9 naps
RT @BoKookGi: ชอบตากล้องคนนี้จัง รับผู้ช่วยมั้ยค่ะ งื้ออออออออ #ยุนกิพ่อทุกสถาบัน #ยุนกิ #BTSกับGIFในตํานาน
I don't be getting a full nights rest anymore, shits just be night time naps bro lol
RT @shauntayrlg: gotta stop taking afterschool naps
i need more naps that smack me in the face like that!!!
RT @INeedja_Kadeeja: Silence. Cooking together Naps Music exchange Handing over the remote Hugs from behind Forehead/back of neck kiss…
Naps make everything better😌
@GustavMejlvang Am a big fan of power naps, early morning starts and 20 - 30 minute nap around midday is 4 me brilliant.
RT @29haruyuki: หวั่นไหวกะเสียงยุนกิมาก แงงงง หลงเค้าหนักมาก #ยุนกิ
It's kind of funny how when you get older you miss the things you hated most as a child. Like naps a
Gay movie Kyler Moss naps while Miles Pride
RT @k_taetys: โอ้ยยยย ฉดใฉฉฉฉฉฉ เฮียยยยย 😍 #YOONGI #ยุนกิ
Me: I have no homework today! I'm going to draw all day! Me: *naps the whole entire day*
RT @ogd_rip: Them after sex naps be the lit😂😂
RT @Realmelonumba7: Girls be tryna take naps while pressing they ass all up against you. Bih my dick harder than AP calculus now wake up we gotta fuck lol.
RT @harrytoon23: Naps for meydan tipster comp @EIBloodstock Nobelium 305 meydan , elleval 340 meydan nice double out the gate 🐎💵😍
RT @Icryduringsex: I take a lot of naps and need someone to nap w me so at least I don't feel too lonely
gotta stop taking afterschool naps
RT @QueennNataliee: My after school naps always turn into a coma
RT @ogd_rip: Them after sex naps be the lit😂😂
I don't even sleep anymore I just take two naps a day #college