Tweets about a recent trend: Naps

RT @deeemendez: you'd think i'd learn by now to not take naps.. messing w/ my sleep schedule bad
@maddie_sorell 😂 you with your naps that are hours long
It's about to die is a lot of naps and ignore it.
RT @LyonsKenzie: If you need someone to wear your clothes and take naps with you and eat your food hmu cuz I'm good at that
RT @lillylizasmiles: open for a secret message ㅤㅤI like naps ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ
I really gotta stop taking naps during the day😐
Hate taking naps, now I won't be able to sleep 🙄
Gio stays taking naps 😴 @giovannyz10
RT @michievousx: I don't know who I think I am but I need to stop taking naps everyday
Okay maybe I shouldn't be taking four hour naps if I want to actually sleep at night..
I take too many naps
RT @daisymarquez_: I hate taking naps with my contacts 😫
RT @tommiecollins: Them pre-k kids don't take no naps. CAUSE THEY WOKE AS FUCK.
I haven't known what sleep was in weeks just "naps"
RT @AnuoIuwapoAzeez: I'm keeping my future self looking youthful and beautiful by taking as many naps as possible in my teenage years.
I literally don't sleep, just be takin naps 😅
@Comrad_EMart lol I don't take naps... I mean like I was in the club with my friends I was sober and randomly fell asleep with my eyes open
After school naps mess up my sleeping schedule 😓
RT @Liddo_Juli: Fuckkkkkkk I work at 7 tomorrow and I can't sleep. This is why I hate taking naps. But I love taking naps. Ugh.
My naps are either non-existent or at the least 5 hours long there is literally no in between 😩
doesn't matter how many naps I take I still wake up hella sleepy I'm a very sleepy human being
RT @ike__e: those naps where u wake up thinkin you home but youre really still in class
RT @SheaSerrano: drake angrily rapping "i don't take naps" is the most drake thing i can think of for drake to lie about in the most drake way possible