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😂 😂 😂 😂 Nani anakumbuka the "kuku manga" stuff in high school?
RT @SaiTej_AA: Most Insecured Fans for a reason.. Nani Medha Kuda edustarentra 💦💦
@xico1803 @Rodrigues_1906 E antes de vires com respostas de caca.. Boby Charlton, cantona , Cristiano Ronaldo, van…
@DMTAEHYUNG95 @DMJINHWAN94 Nani opp kan yg banyak dosanya bukan gua?
@ZzWarez Une clope c’est l’équivalent de 9/10 minutes de temps de vie en moins, ce temps affiché est calculé sur ça…
@Jagan_ssmbfan1 @CultFanIkkada Max aayane Nani li8, inka JSP kanisam candidate evado kuda telidu 😐
@SebasEstraviz @nani_nav amo el verano, pero los mejores after son en invierno..
RT @besitovmin: due to personal reasons he’s the love of my life
RT @jhsjoonie: the maknae line jumping on hoseok's bed they really are his babies 🥺
@fatinnssss Eh tak tak hhaha nani tu memang maksud dia apa
RT @gingerol95: 남준이 혼자 하트 하니까 기자님 아렘씨..ㅎ하흐흫흫ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
@24thminute He’s a much more capable individualist though. A guy like Defoe’s success is far more dependable on the…
1 week nani akong ngipon ha
@rays1299 By the way, what's your guess for Orlando's 11 with Nani? Is it going to be similar to what they started v NYC?
@24thminute Nanis more dynamic Defoe wasn't gonna create anything out of nothing You also don't need to deal with Nani's mom
@ol_nolib @Zack_Nani @melvin97one Quand t'aimes les gens tu leur souhaite d'échouer t'es chelou toi
@nani_moe_uhane ケーキ、名前入れる予約の締め切りギリギリだったのよ。 贈るならこれって決めてたんだけど、なんでストーリーも当たらないのにケーキ買うんだ?って思って予約してなくて。
RT @velvetmoonchxld: omg bring this man to new york fashion week! or to my house either works