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RT @tmcripple: if you play "bring me to life" by evanescence at exactly 11:59:08 on new years eve, the first "wake me up" will pla…
ちわー みかわやでーす    ___   /|   |  ∥ |∧_∧|  ∥ (・ω・`|  ∥oと U|  ∥ |(_)J|  ∥/彡  ̄
RT @AdamSchefter: Steelers WR Antonio Brown has a partially torn calf muscle, per source. Unlikely to play next week but expected back for the postseason.
@My_kwk_N @_mykwkn_ ここ何日か朝リプ送ってなかったわ〜おはみや〜(笑) イベントお疲れ様。まだまだイベントあるみたいだし体調に気をつけて頑張ってね
RT @Sprite: @ your Cranbae so they know you’re the cran to their berry this holiday season. #SpriteCranberry #COAT #WannaSprite
열시에 진료시작인데 아직 지하철이야 뒤짐
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I just wrote a review on Schisandra Berry via @Yotpo
@Dmf1Bs てんなくんおはよおこざいまし!
RT @wtfmiu: final de ano o abandono de animais aumenta muito não adote antes de ter certeza que vai poder cuidar
RT @amanda32_mavuso: My older bro beat up his girlfriend yesterday night. My granddad is smiling on me for using his Tjambok for a good use 😏.
RT @biche_blanc: 김연아 정말 너무 아름답다. 그냥 하는 소리가 아니라 어쩜 이름도 연아 (姸 고울 연, 兒 아이 아) 일수가 있지
RT @Berry_Me_Berry: 🎄Xmas『特別 ガブリエルSimeji』🎄 第6弾スタート✨ 『12月18日 20時まで』 フォロワーでRT頂いた方から抽選で 【15名様】にXmasガブリエル特別Simejiをプレゼント致します!!✨ ☑私のフォロワー…
皆、久しぶり ~ 覚えてる人 居んのかな .
RT @ThatAfricanRoni: Rachel Berry singing Gorgeous I'm bawling my eyes out
Sale prices!! omg I am stocking up!!! bye bye wrinkles 😲 hello new glitter berry drink !!! #Eyes #Eyecream