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RT @CBDOilSolutions: Check out this new CBD Oil product Rejoice CBD Mixed Berry CBD Vape Oil & buy it today with free shipping at CBD Oi…
@gjMJJ2gj0o4bUr なんと!(笑) お値段が気になりますね(  Д ) ⊙ ⊙ 調べてみます… ポケモン居酒屋があったら面白そうです…☺
RT @QuimDucet: Google ha fet més per la meva llengua que el govern de l'estat a qui pago els meus impostos. I això que la constitu…
One of the places in my dead body.' Every success story has an old person who walks up to accept this with your lipstick. -Halle Berry
@__berry_rouge ありがとう(人´∀`*) 私もリスインしとくね!
RT @joseantich: Primer incompliment del govern de Pedro Sánchez: l'Estat no paga per ara 200 milions en infraestructures. Per…
@FoodFirst_Ty @KenDBerryMD Unless Dr. Berry gets paid by my grocery store, there is no keto diet revenue since the…
RT @JuiceTooWavie: You know what...i dont. But i’d sure love to find out 🤤
@lifeofmise 😂😂😂I been wantin seafood all week
EXCLUSIVE: Halle Berry could get sanctioned by the court because of a clerical error.
@DrkBeauty1 @Norm_berry @kylegriffin1 Can you relate to a lying whore ? so sad you see yourself in daniels .
RT @EmmaKennedy: Can’t believe we’re having a debate about who should be on the £50 note. IT SHOULD BE MARY BERRY. THE END.
RT @fkanico: Kim took Gaga’s look so Gaga really went and took Kim’s 💀
@JorgeAmor_ Jorge que era una ironía
RT @BballCoachMac: Joel Berry II on Playing Time 🏀 "Just stop blaming it on the coaching staff." "look at yourself. What are you d…
RT @gallifantes: Ir a visitar a Junqueras cuando necesitas un favor con los presupuestos. Se puede caer más bajo @Pablo_Iglesias_ ?
RT @JonInarritu: Buen truco dl ministro Borrell. Así nadie se enterará d q los delegados de Flandes tienen estatus diplomático y d e…
RT @sivadda1: Disappointed no Chuck Berry or Little Richard exhibit in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. How can that be?
@_berry_m ゴングの音!
@_Berry_milk__ 月3は ほんとにリア友こえそうwww ポイフル まってりゅ❥
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