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Cheat day was delicious. We had friends over, we had Turkey & stuffing, & a bunch of sides. I made Cherry Pie, Appl…
RT @HansenSpirits: It's the third day of Hansen's Five Sundays of Giveaways! RT to be entered to win this #CreamyChristmas prize packa…
RT @minor0304: 뭐야 어떻게구분해
RT @taylorsigur: I’m deleting the term “talking” out of my vocabulary bc I’m grown and that shit childish. We either friends, dating, or in a relationship.
이유는....너무많아서 다 자를수가업서서....(눙물)
RT @ALDUB_EBLive: Hello Berry's Family/ADN Spread positivity support our oht #ALDUBNationDiwaNgPasko @ofctrendsetter…
RT @BarkyBoogz: If black men didn’t call everything gay, we’d dominate gymnastics
@berry_r_ なんやそれ面白いんか?
RT @BrittMyersArt: 💙❤️🕸 Some Generics I worked on for Spiderman: Into the spiderverse! ❤️💙🕸 Worked with such an amazing character team…
다른건 모르겠고 배우들이 난처한 상황은 생기지 말았으면 좋겠다.
RT @xirimp_man: 방송 3사 불공평해 시우민 내래이션😇 공중파에서 깜찌기 소울을 숨기려고 했으나 실패해버린 시우민 되겠다.
RT @NovusOrdoWatch: Be consoled knowing that the vacancy of the Apostolic See and a false pope towards the end of time were prophesied…
RT @jennaperry22: This just triggered the deepest depths of my memory
My pikachu is nearly lvl 60, and I just noticed a few minutes ago that she wags her tail when near hidden items. A…
RT @Mimi4_TV: \フォロー&RTでクラランスの大人気リップオイルが当たる💋/ クラランスのベストセラー「コンフォート リップオイル」の01HONEY / 03 RED BERRYいずれかを計2名様にプレゼント🎅💕 どちらが当たるかはお楽しみに…
@obi__mu 네네 그래야 할 듯요^^ 돌팔매질 당할 사람들이 많네요 휴
RT @barleyhop: RT if you're here for Eric Berry and Jordan Lucas to get some starting two-safety run in Seattle. #LucasLocomotive
@Ciel_berry ありがと˙˚ʚ( •ω• )ɞ˚˙
@OHOL81122765 レシピ作成おめでとうございます! イメージかわいいですね😊 少量なので結構単価は詰め込まれてそうですね(?) 調査お手伝い出来ますので、良かったらお声がけください✨
아아 알립니다아!! 팬아트스티커 백현9장+찬열2장 해서 11장!! 준등기포함 5000원에 받아가실분 찾습니다!! 받아가실분은 뎀주세용 뭐있는지 알려드릴게용(๑´>᎑<)~♡
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