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RT @WAYislove: когда оформа сочетается:
RT @petedoherty: this is another we know of: 'Jean Teaucoq' aka 'John Toecock'. Wanted for gossip and multiple murders.
だが今 私一人ではどうにもならない事が起きた
If you wanna be a vigilante, don't be like Coon; be like Mysterion. Be nice. #SouthParkreference @INCIndia @HasibaAmin
カートマンをブチ切れさせる為だ その面白さを私は見つけた
例えば昨日の夜 私は路地でカルトに刺されて大出血した
"....If you flash Mysterion y-your tits...I would r....HE would really like it! Heh..." #KennyBoy
俺の推測ではカートマンだ デブだから
I think my next cosplay is going to be mysterion
.... there's a reversible kenny/mysterion hoodie in sp lootcrate...... fuck im crying again
カイルはカートマンが嫌いだ 自白してるのか?
いいや これがスーパーヒーローのする事だ
"M-Maybe M-Mysterion just wants love..! J-Just give him a hug...o-or a kiss.." #KennyBot
$70 for the loot crate is almost worth it because that reversible kenny hoodie/mysterion hoodie is so cool
Дискотека ебаная
RT @ave_hoggart: никто не забыт ничто не забыто (с) таня мистерион ветеран войны
Hi, Im Matthias also known as Mysterion.