@withfries2 @BenedictEvans does it also measure traffic by MySpace users?
Na Whipping excursion would be playing on my Myspace page if it still existed
it's 2017 and females still taking 2006 Myspace pics in the bathroom??🤔 #ICantDeal #WhyYo #IHeardBathroomsGotTheBestLightInTheHouse
RT @MelvinDunksOnYa: 78 . The MySpace days 😂 T pain ft Akon - Bartender, 2007
RT @MelvinDunksOnYa: 78 . The MySpace days 😂 T pain ft Akon - Bartender, 2007
ให้ทุกคนทำ บระะะะะะ ทุกคนทำ พี่มัคทำแร๊ะแก๊ะแกะอะไสักอย่างนั่น ส่วนคยอมเหมือนทำไม่ค่อยได้ โถถถ 😂
RT @beautsoup: remember when MySpace was the thing and you could play around with the HTML to customise your page? 😅😔 the good ol' days.
Ay man, some of y'all got updated MySpace profiles and can't be trusted.
RT @MelvinDunksOnYa: 78 . The MySpace days 😂 T pain ft Akon - Bartender, 2007
@cmkuiper So your twitter profile now includes autoplay music and random animations? @Myspace
It's funny bc I stop watching Netflix and tell myself to go to sleep but go on twitter YouTube insta Facebook myspace pornhub etc etc hehe y
RT @allicatttx: I wish our twitters could have profile music like mySpace did smh twitter get with the times
พี่มัคอธิบายฉากที่ช่วยจินยอง แบมบอกเป็นเหมือน Finding Nemo แต่เป็น Finding JY พี่มัคทำหน้าแบบมุกอะไร แบมบอก Bad Jokes! /ถถถถ 😂
RT @OmgGirlThatsJus: Delete your Twitter Snapchat Instagram tinder Facebook MySpace imvu meez all that even your spinrilla account don't…
In my 20s I think back on my teenage MySpace & feel shame & in my 30s I'll look back with shame how I tweeted in my 20s about not adulting
Lmao me and these old MySpace gifs
#FB pissed me the fucc off...i moved myspace to twitter....🖕fb
birthday comment gay happy myspace
Twitter prompted me to make a post alerting my followers about my new profile picture, which gave me some intense 2005 @Myspace flashbacks.
คิดถึงพี่แจ็ค หายไวๆนะ 😢